Leaving on a Jet Plane

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Soon I will be transformed into an international man of mystery (pinky finger in mouth (Austin Powers reference))

Actually, I will be promoting The University of Iowa to potential students in SE Asia for the next three weeks! This great University has a very global impact. Not only are University of Iowa students traveling abroad to study, gain internship experience, and start careers, but international students are looking to come to the US to study. I want them to find the many opportunities and great programs at one of the top research institutions in the United States.

Being from small town Iowa (Holstein, whoot-whoot) The University of Iowa has shown me how much of a global community we live in. For the college age generation, we are going to be interacting with peers across the world. I encourage you to immerse yourself with the community around you and a community foreign to you. You might just enjoy what you find.

I have enlisted our faithful mascot “Herky” to come with. I have used a shrink ray to avoid buying Herky his own seat on the plane therefore Herky is only 9.5 inches, but is more than excited to be my travel companion. He is going to help me document my experience.


Follow along to find out where Herky will be next. If you are on Instagram look up #herkyonparade for every one of his locations. I will try to keep this blog updated with each cities information.

I depart Sunday at 7 am local CSD, to arrive Monday in…