Transitional Trials

And just like that, we’re college students. Adult-ing. Sort of.

For every overwhelming, anxiety-induced, panicky moment of the transition from high school student to college student, there was an omnipresent aura of excitement, liberation, and opportunity. Two short weeks ago, I had yet to meet another Hawkeye, experience OnIowa, or dine at Catlett. Today, I’m content (to put it lightly) to call the University of Iowa my home. While there will always be a place in my heart for my two Labrador retrievers, loving family, and spacious kitchen in Vinton, there’s just something amazing about creating my own space, choosing my company, and experiencing raw, unsheltered life as an individual.

I’m the proud occupant of a single in the beautiful new dorm Catlett. Though being in a single wasn’t my first choice, I’m learning to appreciate having a space to myself on a campus so full of people. Being social can be taxing, so the ability to unwind and decompress in a private space is an advantageous perk. Beyond the perks, however, is the noticeable lack of a roommate. Sometimes having a roommate can mean having a built-in close friend, an icebreaker, and a reliable resource for safety. Luckily, the other students on my floor have filled this void and accepted me into the fold. You can check out some early pictures of my room below!

With each passing day, I realize new items that would be beneficial to have in the dorms. My current list includes a broom, handheld vacuum, plant, attachable ID case, five subject notebook, printer and accessories, etc. Thankfully, OnIowa’s Target Takeover provided an opportunity to buy some of the things I had forgot during the move. For students that missed the takeover or are unable to travel home, CVS in the Old Capitol Mall is a surprisingly convenient store to find dorm necessities.

The transitional trials of the heart and mind….

In my observation, time has been expressed incredibly weird lately. I’m not sure how others feel, but I feel as if I’ve lived on campus for a short lifetime. The days move quickly, and juggling class schedules with events and personal planning is already chaotic. I can only imagine how things will progress throughout the semester. I have a blast with friends and time flies, but reflecting back on the experiences, they seem eons in the past. Right now, I’m just trying to sort out all the details of college. I ordered textbooks yesterday after a lot of shuffling items around in online carts, and now all my textbooks are on backorder. I also dropped an intimidating class after realizing a slight major adjustment could help me avoid paying extra, having 8 am and 6 pm class, and taking a rigorous math course. Besides being the practical choice, it was a bit of a revelation that this, THIS is college. So, it’s my choice. My education, my career, my choice. I don’t like math so I don’t have to take it. That’s adult-ing, right? J

As much fun as I’ve had the past two weeks, I’m excited to visit home this weekend. Partially to see my family and dogs, and partially to get the other things I need for my dorm. I wasn’t expecting to get homesick, but yet here I am calling my parents every few days for an update and to hear their voices. I think it’s important to realize that being homesick is normal, and it doesn’t equate to being dependent. Whether you visit home every weekend or cut all ties to your family, we’re all in this together as students of the University of Iowa. We’re college students, but that doesn’t mean we stop being kids. Have a great weekend, Hawks!

Not the best quality picture, but luckily there’s some very professional shots circulating from our time forming the block I. 🙂
Odds are, none of us will ever stand on the turf at Kinnick again. I had to commemorate this moment.
Wednesday a friend convinced me to check out Blaze Pizza with her. Not only was it delicious, it was free because it was training day.
I showed up to class three hours early and while waiting discovered I really like the floor pattern in Maclean Hall. 🙂
First day of classes, rain aesthetic!

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