Hidden Gems: an all inclusive guide to places you didn’t know existed

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the hottest (let’s be honest, with this weather it’s the coldest) spot to find fun new places on campus. My personal favorite finds are a good place to find the perfect cup of coffee, but today I’m going to focus on the little hidden gems on campus that you have to check out.

The first thing that instantly came to mind when making this post was my favorite hidden study spot. The first one isn’t too hidden, but it’s Wild Bill’s Coffeeshop. If you’re looking for a quiet, cozy spot to buckle down and study or grab a snack with friends between classes this is the perfect place to meet. Situated in North Hall next to Stanley, this place is the perfect central location for a quick cup of caffeination. Although it’s not a secret, this place is often overlooked when it comes to places to study!

The second “hidden gem” I’ve found on campus are the napping stations. That’s right, you heard me correctly…napping stations. If you head to the Hawkeye Room in the downstairs of the IMU you will find out about this amazing luxury advocated for by Student Government. Sleepy between classes but can’t make yourself walk back to your bed? You’ve found your new favorite place.

Ever wonder what the giant staircase leads to in Burge but too afraid to look? Don’t worry, because I scoped out this cool, underground (pun? I think so) spot for you. If you’re looking for a  hidden place to study for hours interrupted, this place is totally for you. Unbeknownst to most students, there is a ‘old-school diner’ room in downstairs Burge stocked with little tables and vending machines. When the library scene gets to repetitive, I totally think this is the best place to go. My friends coined it the “circus room”, and you HAVE to check it out to see why (hint: it’s not your typical room).

The next hidden gem is a little bit off campus but totally worth the walk. If you’re ever looking for a great excursion with friends, this corner of town is the place to go. All within sight you get Bluebird diner, The Haunted Bookstore, and Artifacts. Although the first two are well-known favorites of Iowa City locals, Artifacts is the true hidden gem of the street. Artifacts is a is a small antique shop that is the type of place you could go a million times and always find something new. I would totally recommend looking around after getting some delicious breakfast at Bluebird Diner (I mean come on, look at these pancakes!).

 That’s pretty much it from me! Have you checked out any of these fun places? If not, what other secret places on campus do you love to show your friends?

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