How To Fix Homesickness + Why It’s Okay To Miss Home

Hey everyone! Recently the homesickness has really settled in for me. While I love campus, I have been missing my old coffee shop, my parents, and not having to shower with shoes on. 🙂 I have found a few tips and tricks that have worked for me to help adjust to campus living and curb the homesickness.

1.Call Your Parents, Dang It

I know, I know. You are probably sick of them asking you if you’re eating or if you’ve cleaned your sheets (“yes mommmm”), but they miss you too! Even if it’s a quick 5 minute conversation while walking to class or a skype call while you’re folding your laundry, hearing each other’s voices will do you both some good. Plus, getting to hear about what’s going on at home will make you feel way more connected. Plus, if you have a cute dog you get some quality screentime with them!

2. Find Something on Campus That Reminds You of Home

This one may seem odd, but something that really helped me feel more at home on campus is finding something on campus that reminds me of home. Whether this be a coffee shop that serves lattes that are just like home or a cozy study spot that feels like a place in your old neighborhood, the familiarity will make that foreignness of campus a little less awful. For me, my small town manufactures manhole covers (weird, I know) but every time I see my home town’s name while walking to class I can’t help but smile.

3. Make Your Dorm Like Home!

No, I’m not recommending you to clutter up your space like your kid brother does or paint your walls barbie pink. Now that my room finally feels like my space, I actually enjoy coming home to my dorm room every night. I hung up an obscene amount of fairy lights, put cozy blankets everywhere, and put up pictures of my family and friends. These little changes were just enough to make the space feel super welcoming and mine. For a quick personalization of the bland dorm walls, try printing out some pictures of your friends and family or print off some of your favorite inspirational quotes from Pinterest. When my walls are filled, it feels less like a jail cell, lol.

4. Find Your “College Family”

This may seem super cliche, but finding a group of people on campus who you consider your “college family” will really help make college feel more like home. The perks of living on a big campus is having so many options for friends. They may not be the first person you meet, but finding people with the same interests as you will make you not want to leave campus. Luckily for me, I found my group of people who love having movie nights, keep dominos pizza on speed dial, stay up all night playing video games, and honestly care about my wellbeing as a person. Having this group of friends who I can eat in the dining hall with or cry over homework with makes the transition to college a lot more bearable.

5. Allow Yourself To Feel Sad!

This may seem a little silly, but allowing yourself to have time to miss home is a good thing! You don’t always need to be busy, happy, and productive at college! Taking a night to throw on your favorite high school tshirt and looking scrolling your instagram is OKAY! At the end of the day, transitioning to college is BIG leap, and everyone’s homesickness is going to catch up with them eventually (mine hit when I got a cold…Why can’t my mom send her chicken noodle soup via mail!?), and thats A-okay! Just let yourself feel your feelings and eventually the heartache will lessen. I promise!

That’s all for now!

Are there any good tips you’ve found help cure your homesickness? Comment them down below!

Callie’s Campus Café Crawl: Prairie Lights Cafe

Welcome to my highly-caffinated life.

When thinking about the change that comes along with going to college, most people hate the idea of leaving their family, their friends, their comfortable bed, or their beloved pet. Although I get these gripes, my mind was the most worried about finding a new staple coffee shop. Being born with the incapacity to “go with the flow” birthed the idea of going on a sort of crusade to find my new favorite coffee shop in Iowa City. With my backpack full of textbooks and half-crushed granola bars, I headed off to find my new favorite study spot.

As a preface, I am not a black coffee kind of girl. I wish I was the type of person to throw on a black turtleneck, grab my cup of black coffee, and head to the nearest poetry slam, but in reality I want my coffee to taste more like vanilla creamer than anything else. Because of this, for most of my escapades I will try what I would coin as “wuss coffee.”

Customer Service: I always tend to base my favorite coffee shops off of how nice their workers are. I’m super happy to say that Prairie Lights had some AWESOME customer service. When walking up the counter, I was greeted by a very friendly guy who was able to point me towards the right direction for a caffeinated drink that didn’t taste like black coffee. The other worker chimed in some suggestions as well, and I really felt like they valued me as a customer.

Atmosphere: I LOVE the atmosphere of this place. The fact that I am only a couple feet from stacks of books makes my English major heart beat faster, and the ability to sit amongst the various genres creates a creative space for hanging out.

Noise Volume: When I was there I didn’t notice any music playing. I can appreciate this type of setting for studying/listening to your own music and not being bothered by the overhead track. Despite the lack of music, there was a lot of volume from people talking. This for sure isn’t a “quiet” study space, but with headphones in I could cancel out most of the chatter.

Seating: It seems to me that the window seats in the actual bookstore are always taken, but there were plenty of spaces to sit in the coffee store. I will say, there aren’t many huge tables for group work, but I’m sure you could move tables together if you needed to! There is one larger tabletop group table, but it was reserved when I got there. 2-4 seated tables are the norm.


Menu: I really liked the menu options here! It seemed like there were lots of things I would want to try, and I’m a pretty picky eater/drinker. I appreciated how many tea options were on the menu and there were a few food options, although not a ton. Also, for the above 21 crowd, there were beer and wine options available.

My Drink & Rating: The drink I got was a Black Rider. I gave it a 4.5/5 stars. I really enjoyed the drink that I got! I was super glad that I asked the barista what to order because the drink was really pleasant. I was nervous to branch out, but would definitely order this again when I go back! This drink is really great when you need a warm, caffeinated pick-me-up but want it to taste sweet and delicious, too. Plus, the latte art was beyond cute and made my little aesthetic heart soar.

Friend Rating: I brought my boyfriend to Prairie Lights with me. He got a vanilla latte and gave it a 4/5. He said it tasted nice and is a good vanilla latte if you’re looking for one.

Would I Go Back?: YES. I love that you can sit anywhere upstairs in prairie lights and the “local bookstore” vibe the entire experience gave off.

Has anyone been to Prairie Lights Cafe? If so, any favorite drinks from there?

Check out their website!