A Workout Junkie’s Guide to Staying Fit While on Campus

A day is not complete until I hit the gym. At least once a day I have to expel some energy whether I hit the gym for a lift or head down to the trails along the Iowa River for a run. Whether you like running, walking, heavy lifting, swimming, or just about anything in between, the University of Iowa probably has it. Iowa offers many facilities and free workout classes to their students. If you don’t know about them totally check them out!!!

There is one main fitness facility, which is the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Under one roof you will find hundreds of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, free weights, machines, an Olympic size pool, a leisure pool, AND a rock climbing wall. Not to mention the dozens of workout classrooms that offer a plethora of different dance workout classes. yoga, and HIIT styles. Whether you are a beginner looking to get introduced to the basics of living a healthy lifestyle or a seasoned pro at lifting, the REC is the place for you! One of my favorite parts about the REC (other than the workout part of course…) is the Smoothie shop!!! Right inside the doors of the rec, open to the public, offers some of the best smoothies I have ever had!!!

There are smaller workout facilities offered in the dorms, which happened to be closed due to Covid-19, which is unfortunate but hopefully will open soon! One of my favorites that is still open happens to be tucked into a little building right by the IMU!! Shhhhh it’s a secret! One of the BEST hidden gems of Iowa is Fitness East! This is a lot smaller of a gym that comfortably holds around 15 people, socially distanced of course, but still offers cardio equipment, racks, and free-weights. It is perfect walking distance from the dorms and is perfect if you are looking to get a quick lift in!

Iowa also has a beautiful walkway that runs parallel to the Iowa River for the majority of campus. It is super beautiful in the fall whether you want to go for a run or peaceful walk!

Whatever you choose as a workout, Iowa has it!