The First Snow

The First Snow

Coming from Malaysia, I haven’t experienced seasons like the four here in the United States. In fact, we don’t have fluctuating times for the sun to rise and set. Back where I’m from, the sun rises at seven in the morning and regularly sets around seven or eight at night. So when the sun set at five in the evening yesterday, I was shocked. When I’d originally come in August, the sun was still shining at nine at night!

To add to the strange weather that I’m trying to get used to, we had the first snow today! It was magical, there was no other word for it!

The First Night Snow!

The cast of Iphigenia came out of our performance and were shocked to discover that while we’d been in the David Thayer Theater, it had started snowing! Some of us were upset about the snow; snow equals cold. But some of us, including myself and one of the other soldiers, Jose, were extremely excited! We even ran out into the snow wearing nothing but our costumes: a T-shirt, cargo pants with holes on the sides and a loose button-up shirt! Jose was barefoot and I was wearing loose slippers that provided less warmth than socks!

I wish had a photo of me and Jose in the snow in our costumes, but no one had our phones or cameras immediately after the show.

For the next ten minutes, I was as giddy as a five-year-old about the snow. Before we left the Theater Building, some of us cast members ran outside in the snow and threw small bits of snow that we gathered off benches and dustbins at each other. The mock mini snowball fight was the first I’d had in six years! Jose had never even seen snow before! We were so excited, we definitely looked and sounded NUTS.

Me and Jose in the snow!

On the walk back to my residence hall, I kept stopping to take pictures. Part of the thrill of being in Iowa is the changing seasons; I’m so excited that it’s actually snowing in November! I can’t wait till the snow sticks and we can have a proper snowball fight. It’s thrilling that for the next four years at least, snow will be a regular part of my life. Even though other Iowa residents seem to have become accustomed to and even bored or annoyed the snow, I don’t think I ever will be. Snow is magical…like our Nutcracker Snow piece that my Ballet Pointe class will perform at the end of the semester. ;D

Shayna and me during Halloween dressed as an M&M and Snow at the end of our Ballet Pointe class where we’re gonna perform the exhausting Nutcracker Snow!!!

Christmas is coming…and I’m gonna build a snowman! Wanna join me?

Three of my Major Ballet 1 classmates (from front to back), Jensen, Elizabeth and Emma, on the morning of the first snow fall!!!
The First Day Snow!!!

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…. Premature because Thanksgiving has yet to come, I know!

Happy holidays!


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