7th Heaven: A Sociological Hell

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Since the very beginning of the year, waves were already being made by the group of residents that are now inhabiting the seventh floor of Daum. Some were impressed and envious by everyone’s generally welcoming nature, everyone had strong and vibrant personalities, and the overall excitement of being free and around people from different walks of life created such a magnetism that everyone did everything as a floor. Over time, there have been personality clashes, and that’s okay–c’est la vie. Cliques started to form, people started building stronger relationships, and again, normal behaviors took place. However, as of late, cliques are backstabbing, people are miscommunicating, and the atmosphere of passive-aggressive tension has risen to a suffocating miasma of hateful cattiness–guys and girls, included. Doors being slammed shut, ugly looks, and gossiping has become our way of life here.

But why, some may ask, did it have to be like this? It sucks to come in with an open mind and lose respect for those whom who’ve once called your friend. Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and many of you who form relationships with a large web of people will ultimately suffer a similar fate. Nonetheless, there are things that you should consider coming into this experience and hopefully keep in mind when it comes to communicating with other people:

1. You have your bad days, but so does everyone else. This means that people get angry, poop happens.  That doesn’t mean that they’re angry at you.  If they don’t want to talk to you, it’s probably for the best, as the situation would escalate should they choose to take it out on you.  Conversely, it is likely that it’s no one else’s fault that you’re having a bad day.  Taking your anger out on innocent people by speaking from your emotions won’t earn you any respect, and will cause tension that will linger long after your anger fades.

2. SHOULD you have a problem with someone, you should stop being a kitty-cat and just confront them.  Confrontation does NOT have to mean an explosion or a fight.  This is probably the biggest thing that I’ve struggled with, because guys…I’m crazy, and I would rather confront/be confronted than to experience any type of passive aggression.  It disgusts me, and ultimately, it can almost always be avoided if you tactfully (that means “like an adult”) discuss your issue.  You’ll all come in and claim to be somewhat mature, so act like it.

3.  Why are dogs “man’s best friend?” It’s because they understand LOYALTY.  The friendships that you form are most likely stronger than any of the petty bullpoop that you’ll experience in your residence hall.  Granted, if they set you up to get harmed or kill your puppy, you have full permission to slap a b-word.  But if it’s over some he-said-she-said crap, then consider the steps above, or just get the fudge over it. It is EXTREMELY sad to see friends hate each other, and that’s the worst type of hate, because friends know how to hit where it hurts.

Before I step off of my soapbox, I also have to acknowledge that I must practice what I preach and take responsibility for what already happened.  To me, one of the biggest signs of maturity is being able to swallow that slice of humble pie, and hold yourself accountable for all of your actions.  With that being said, 7th Heaven, I’m sorry!  I miss you!  Baby, come back!  It most definitely was you, but it was me, too! 😉  Sometimes, prospective students, once you realize how screwed up in the head you really are yourself, you’ll learn to appreciate the quirks of others, and right now, my emotional boo-boo needs to love to nurse it back to health.  Or I’ll probably do some angry and irrational things that most likely will get me arrested–ANYBODY CAN GET SLAPPED–my pimp hand is strong!!!  But ain’t nobody got time for that, and I’d much prefer the first option.  Open your minds, close your mouths, and let’s be alright.

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