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Is anyone else confused that it’s December?  Maybe I am still in a food coma from Thanksgiving, but I’m not quite ready for Holiday atmosphere!

This year for Thanksgiving I decided that I was going to channel Martha Stewart and really make some from scratch.  I think it would be pretty obvious, but I went with pie.  A pumpkin cream pie to be exact.  If you never knew, there are actually specific pumpkins to use for pie and they are ridiculously hard to cut open!  Anywho, I had to slice and dice my pumpkin friend and a few steps later I felt really hard core mixing up the bits in my food processor.  That’s right – homemade pumpkin puree!  Don’t I sound fancy?


The next step was a homemade graham cracker crust – yum!  I’ll spare you the details, but in my pride I’ll at least show you.

Oh so tasty!


Oh and speaking of channeling Martha Stewart, Iowa City actually landed on her blog!  The downtown has an added charm, in my opinion, with the Tree Hugger’s Scarves!  I just love the autumn season and the warm colors on the trees really helped amplify the feeling.  For anyone who hasn’t been downtown, you really must check it out!

I hope all you high schoolers had a great Thanksgiving.  I know we saw a lot of visitors during the Thanksgiving breaks and I’m sure we will be seeing more over the winter holidays!

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