I hope I can remember to write 2013 ….

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Happy New Year everybody!  Already 2 weeks in and I haven’t accidentally written 2012 yet.  This has to be a record for me.

It has been pretty quiet on campus (and our office).  I have enjoyed being able to get parking spots easily, but I will enjoy having the hustle & bustle of students.

I snapped this picture on my walk home last week:

A mobile skating rink!

A mobile skating rink!


We don’t typically having a skating rink in the middle of downtown.  The community brought it in for a day or two.  I timed this picture right and caught a bit of a wipeout!  It was only a block away from the Old Capitol!

Tree Orbs

Tree Orbs

I love this little Light Orbs in the trees downtown.  Very pretty!  I’m sure they are much easier to put up/take down than the traditional Holiday Lights

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