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I was lucky enough to get to travel to Seattle this past week for Admissions.  A lot of international students will start out in community colleges in the Seattle area and transfer to 4-year schools later.  I went out in the hopes of snagging a few for the great Hawkeye Nation!!

I love all the green here!

I love all the green here!


My flight left the day before the mini snow blizzard we had last week – phew!   The pacific northwest certainly has its own beauty.  I have always been a fan of rain, so the frequent fog and mist didn’t bug me.

Some of the community colleges I visited had these beautiful campuses tucked away that over looked to the bay or in the middle of a forest.

Home made ice cream - soooooo good!

Home made ice cream – soooooo good!


I do have to say that Seattle has some auh-mazing food selections to pick from.  I tried oysters for the first time and it was funny to see how great sea food tastes when it is actually close to the sea!

One thing I can really respect about Seattle is that everyone – I mean EVERYONE – uses sustainable bits and pieces.  It was really hard to find garbage cans because the majority of things were compostable.  I walked into a small boutique and the clerk told me everything in their store was made in the US and has an element of sustainability to it!  Hi five from this gal Seattle!


Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market

What is a trip to Seattle without going to the world famous Pike Place Market!?  It was bustling!  There were all types of food vendors, crafts and specialties, flowers, and of course – fish.  I managed to spot a fellow Hawkeye in the crowd – go hawks!  You know those moments when you are really happy with the life decision you just made?  Well that happened to me.  I had heard good things about Piroshky, Piroshky – a Russian bakery.  I hear bakery and think sweet treats.  Well in beautiful Russian fashion, they made delicious pastries stuffed with the goodness of the world:  cheese, potatoes, meat, and many other options.  I can honestly say that it was one of the best meals I have ever had!  Plus you can walk with it – double win.


I’m excited for my next trip back – hopefully soon!

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