Hot hot hot!

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It has been a scorcher of a week!  It got into the 100s with heat index.  I’m not quite ready for Autumn yet, but I am certainly OK if it cools down just a tad.

Today I head out to India.  I can hardly believe that the time has come.  I just checked the weather in New Delhi (flying into this city) and it is actually cooler there than here!  It is monsoon season in India.  I just realized sitting here that I don’t think I packed the best shoe wear for rain.  Hmmm.

What a welcoming sight!

What a welcoming sight!

I have about a day worth of flying – flight and layover time.  I have 2 books (The Girl Who Played with Fire & City of Djinns), a magazine (National Geographic), and playlists prepped and ready.  India, here I come!!!

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  1. Adam Parker says:

    Pictures from India please!

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