Goats, Monkeys, and Elephants Oh My!

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So I have arrived home from India, but I wrote a few entries during my time:

View from my hotel - Delhi

View from my hotel – Delhi


I’m about one week into my India Adventure!  It has been great so far.  I first arrived in Delhi.  It was miserably hot and humid.  One day the humidity was 75-80%!  Each city in India has its own flavor – just as you would expect in the US.  Delhi, in my opinion, has a much more visible Colonial influence than some of the other cities.  I pride myself in my sense of direction, but it is completely gone here!  Especially in Delhi – there are round-a-bouts every turn.  I can never tell if I am going one direction or another.




Elephants in Action!

Elephants in Action!


While driving around the city it is fun to try a spot a new animal.  I feel like my friends who grew up in the city and get excited when they see a deer – I’m a foreigner getting excited at every monkey I see!  In certain parts of the city you will see all sorts of furry friends with each other.  On one street corner I saw monkeys, pigs, and a cow.  The highlight of my I-Spy adventure was elephants!  They like to congregate by water and we saw them in the small space right by a river.  I had to take some action shots from my phone!


I’m looking forward to seeing the other cities of India … and their cooler temperatures.


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  1. Laurel says:

    I would love to live in a place where you can randomly see monkeys everywhere. I feel really sorry for the elephants though, they belong in nature, not in cities.

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