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One of the best parts of my job is helping students find ways to accomplish their dreams.  We have reached a generation that it is essentially expected to get a college education.  There are certainly hurdles for many, whether that be financial, academic, or personal; but overall, there are amazing resources to help get so many into college and beyond.



Recruit them while they are young!

Recruit them while they are young!

While in India, I always find myself amazed at the passion and engagement of the high school students I meet.  They are truly hungry for knowledge and bettering themselves and it is truly awesome to show them what their potential could become if they become a Hawkeye!

The concerns of 17 and 18 year-olds are pretty universal across the globe when it comes to college:  Will I make friends?  Does the food taste good?  Will the classes be too hard?  What is in Iowa?  And as my recruits from warmers states can attest to – Does it get really cold and snow a lot?   The excitement of a new adventures is also a shared trait.  I loved seeing Indian students light up as I told them the many things they can do – Engineering AND Music, Business AND Quidditch Club, and so much more!


The Hawkeye Way -  A global experience!

The Hawkeye Way – A global experience!


It is such an amazing time in higher education.  It truly is a global experience.  I encourage those who are US students to study, do research, or intern abroad!  Get involved with cultural organizations and of course, make friends with those who have traveled thousands of miles to study here.  It is a whole new world for them and they can always use a friendly Iowa smile!

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4 Responses to “Perspectives Across the Globe”

  1. Kelsey says:

    There was as of last night year, but I am not seeing them listed on our website for student orgs ( We do have around 500 groups to get involved in and you could always restart the Quidditch team at Iowa!

  2. Craig Carter says:

    Hm… I read that article a while back. Is there a team still in existence? I play the sport myself so I’ve been looking around at local schools with teams.

  3. Craig Carter says:

    Is there actually a Quidditch team? I wasn’t aware of a team at Iowa.

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