The Most Stressful Midterms

Okay, so not to say that I had it worse than anyone else, but I’m sure it would be a tough call. The week before midterms I was engulfed in the internship application process; interviews, assessments, more interviews, etc. I think the University of Iowa could better space out when this fair occurs, because having it a week and a half before midterms is gruesome. All the employers expect you to get this done in two days, and that done in three days. I’m not complaining too much because it is a blessing that I have even been selected to be a part of the process. It just gets difficult if you are taking on a full load of classwork, and then having to choose where to spend your time-sensitive efforts, between internship and academics. The weekend before midterm week was my best friendā€™s wedding. It was an entire weekend-long event. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. She looked absolutely stunning, the food was fantastic, her family felt like my family, I won fifty dollars, and not to mention I am really happy for the both of them.

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After the wedding -BOOM midterm week! I had a total of four exams, one quiz, and two Spanish papers to do. After a very late night of studying and procrastination (I was having a hard time trying to focus), my first exam went great. After a pep talk with one of my good friends, my Spanish research paper turned out alright. The first day was done and I was feeling good.

Tuesday I had to do an assessment for one of the internships I was applying for. I found this internship at the Spring Job and Career Fair hosted by the university at the Iowa Memorial Union. They sent it to me on Friday and said that I had 2 business days to complete it. The wedding consumed my weekend, and I spent Sunday and Monday preparing for exams that I waited until the last minute to do the assessments for. Tuesday night I begin to start feeling really sick. It was obviously my lack of sleep was catching up to me. By 6pm I had a cough, sore throat and an achy body. At 10pm I was trying to get these assessments done, and I ended up being so fatigued that I fell asleep during one of them. I completely bombed them. I currently feel awful because I know that I could’ve done a lot better had I been well rested and not sick. šŸ™

Wednesday morning I woke up so sick I could barely move. I went to an academicĀ adviserĀ meeting where I was encouraged by myĀ adviserĀ to “follow my heart.” Okay, so those were not her exact words, hers were of course less cliche and more wise, had a lot more content, and more structure. šŸ™‚

Right before my first class I stopped by the Center for Diversity Office (my favorite place on campus), and although there was no food present I did find an empty beanie bag in the backroom. I sat there with the intention on taking a quick nap. I felt like complete dog poo. I had aches all over my body, and it hurt to talk or think. My nap turned into a two hour siesta.Ā  Once I woke up, I knew I had to go to the doctor. While I was waiting for the bus a good friend of mine brought me some soup. I am so grateful for the friends I have made at Iowa, they are so sweet. Later, I called Student Health and made an appointment. After describing my symptoms the man on the phone told me to not go to class.

I went there and good news, I didn’t have the flu! However, they believed it could be something else. They couldn’t test for it, because the results for this “something else” do not show up until 1 week after you’ve begun to experience the symptoms. However, my doctor did tell me that I need to rest all evening and all day tomorrow to see if it helps. She also suggested that I did not go to class, until I was feeling better.

For the first time in a while, I thought… YES I CAN BREATHE! So, I went home and slept for quite some time. Then I woke up to dismal emails from my professors about making up my exams. Talk about STRESS!

My trip to China is even more precious now, I can’t wait!

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