Christmas Wishlist

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I’ve created my very own Christmas wish list that will help me excel at Iowa next semester!!! Coming into Iowa I didn’t think about what I needed, but as the months went on, there were plenty of things I wish I had before moving in!

  • Iowa apparel and accessories
    • All Iowa students love to flaunt their school spirit. Because of this it is a necessity to have all the proper Iowa attire for every occasion.
    • Find it here.
  • Alpha Phi accessories and apparel
    • Just like with the Iowa apparel, the FSL community takes pride in their houses & letters. Because of this, having a lot of Alpha Phi outfits on hand is highly encouraged at the University of Iowa.
    • Look here and here for different options.
  • Water bottles
    • It is so so so important to stay hydrated. Since I don’t have a car on campus I have to walk everywhere. With the amount of exercise, I do each day, just by walking to class, I must have a water bottle by my side at all times.
    • Swell Bottle
    • Camel Bak
  • Face Masks
    • OMG!! Something is going on with my skin!!! Stress, my diet, the water, something is ruining my skin. Just like keeping my body hydrated it is important to keep my face hydrated, too. Because of this, it is a necessity to keep good skin products and face masks on hand.
    • Sephora has some great products.
    • And so does Vitacost!
  • Speaker
    • Kate and I love jamming out to music every night, having a speaker in our room is so important. Especially before going out, we love getting ready while listening to our favorite songs. Because of this, it is a necessity to have a speaker.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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