Unintentional Bus Journey

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Preface: I’m writing this blog out of frustration, in hopes of coping with it myself. Allow me to explain. Tonight I was supposed to meet up with some friends at 7pm at Mayflower Hall. Okay, all is well. Now. All the times I’ve been there, I’ve gotten a ride from a friend, so it’s never been a hassle for me…unfortunately, this friend was already on that side of town and wasn’t planning on coming back. Sweet, no means of transportation. First off, I’m not blaming the dilemma on my friend, she’s great. She even offered to come back and get me, but I refused (wanting to prove my “big girl” college skills in figuring out the bus system on my own). So I ventured off to the bus stop and boarded the bus I assumed would take me to my destination. All was still going well at this point, until we got to a stop and the bus driver called out, “Alright, we’re moving up to bus 96!” What? Why? I grumbled along with the other six or seven people on the bus, as we got off to board the bus parked in front of us. Now on a new bus, I assumed it would still be taking me where I needed to go. I could see my destination in sight. Then…Whoa! Wait, noooooooo! Where are you going Mr. Busman?!” We literally turned at the intersection right before Mayflower. At this point, I felt the need to dramatically press my hands and face against the window as we advanced farther and farther away from Mayflower. However, since I’m a “big girl,” I refrained from doing so. Also, the bus may or may not have accumulated a few more people, and I preferred to have them think of me as a typical individual. At least in this situation. Long story short, I ended up riding the entire bus route around campus, beginning at my dorm and half an hour or so longer…ending AT MY DORM. The best part? The bus driver looked confused as I was exiting at the same place I got on, so I managed to quickly ramble, “Umm yeah…I’m having roommate problems, so I just needed to get out for a bit.” Totally not true. Thankfully, he nodded, as if being able to identify and said, “It’ll get better. Have a nice night!” What a pleasant guy. I stomped out of frustration up to my room, closed the door, and sarcastically said to myself, “WELL, that was fun!” I was bound to have one of those college experiences eventually and now that I have, I couldn’t help but share. Maybe you can relate in my frustration. Alright, I’m feeling much better now. Thanks for tuning in.

Until next time…