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AustinMy name is Austin, and I am from good ole Texas. My years of writing fan-fiction have dramatically evolved into an insatiable appetite for original story-telling, and because of that very hunger I decided to attend college on the other side of the country with the intent of honing my craft. Moreover, my addiction to literature has led to a very serious and monogamous relationship with the English language. We’ve been on and off for years, but we finally decided to settle down; so we both figured Iowa City was the perfect place to start our life together. We’re currently engaged and expecting twins—two degrees in both English and Theatre Arts. We’re already decorating the nursery with wallpaper created from the first paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities written over and over again. Ironically enough, I’m sure this school year will have some of the best times and the worst times, but at the end of the page, English and I are just hoping to make a difference (and a living) with our words…

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