10 Reasons You Should be a Hawkeye

There’s something for everyone at the University of Iowa, but here are just 10 of the many reasons you should join the Hawkeye family.

This campusOld Capitol

Take a lap around the University of Iowa’s campus and you’ll realize what we’re  talking about. Whether you’re taking in the beauty of Old Cap or strolling through one of our amazing new buildings, the beauty of campus is hard to beat. Plus, it’s big enough to not feel overcrowded, but small enough to get to where you need to go within 15 minutes by walking, biking, or taking a bus!

World-renowned programs

No matter what you choose to study at Iowa, you’re going to get the education you need to succeed with one (or more) of our 200 areas of study. We have the #1 creative writing program in the U.S., the first ever computer science and engineering program in Iowa, and one of the best teaching hospitals in the country. These are just a few aspects of the amazing academics offered here! From the arts to the sciences and plenty of overlap in between, you’re going to find your perfect major with a stellar program behind it.

Student organizations

There are over 500 student organizations on campus. That means you have 500+ chances to get involved and find your community! Can’t find an organization you want to join? Start one! Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet, a chance to gain career experience, or just fellow Hawks who share your interests, it’s easy to find something you love.

Downtown and CampusThe Iowa City community

Campus and Iowa City are quite literally intertwined. Downtown is located right across the street from the center of our campus: The Pentacrest. It’s a vibrant community with plenty of local shops, restaurants, and festivals for an experience that’s uniquely Iowa City. It’s been named a top five college town several years in a row!

The Hawkeye family

The support you’ll find at Iowa is unlike any other. Just a heads up: “Iowa Nice” is a thing, and we take pride in that. We’re here for you, whether that’s as simple as holding a door or as complex as providing support in a tough time. When you become a Hawkeye, you join a huge family rooting for your success. There are tons of resources on campus ready to help you out. Struggling with a class? Head to the Academic Resource Center. Need career advice? The Career Center is on deck. Just need to talk through something? The Counseling Center is ready to help. Not to mention all the individuals you can go to for help, like your academic advisor, resident assistant, teaching assistants, professors, and even your peers. While you may be leaving your true family back home, this one is the next best thing!

Be part of something bigger than yourself 

Hawkeyes make a difference. Every day, students are raising money for research, building homes, working with patients at UI Hospitals and Clinics, and strengthening the community. You’ve probably heard of The Wave. If you haven’t, get ready to ugly cry: At the end of the first quarter of each home Hawkeye football game, all 70,000 fans in Kinnick Stadium turn and wave to the patients watching from the top floor of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital. This simple gesture that makes a huge impact is just one of the many ways Hawkeyes make the world a better place.

A small Big Ten school

The “Big Ten” title can make the UI seem, well, big. Spoiler alert: It’s actually not as huge as it sounds. Sure, there are over 33,000 total students on our campus, but that won’t stop you from familiar faces giving hearty hellos on your walk to class. The UI’s big-but-not-too-big size is great for anyone, whether you love a smaller community or to be surrounded by lots of people.

Resources to make your ideas reality

The UI has been named one of the top schools for entrepreneurship, and it’s easy to see why. The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center has been helping students launch startups for over 20 years. With events like the Startup Games, the Business Model Competition, and even the Elevator Pitch Competition, students can walk away with skills to navigate the world of entrepreneurship (and maybe a little cash, too).


Sure, almost any university can offer campus jobs and research positions. But only at the UI can you find the mentors that come with them. These faculty and staff are passionate about what they’re doing, and are eager to help students along their career paths. Fun fact: 1 in 3 undergraduate students are involved in groundbreaking research at Iowa.

The food

Obviously when you get to college, you need to eat! The food options on this campus are boundless. There are 3 dining halls, 14 campus cafes, and a food truck located all around campus for easy access. And guess what? It’s actually good. UI Dining makes all kinds of effort to source local ingredients and come up with different menus for students. There are also ah-mazing made-to-order options, late night stations, and so much more.

So there you have it. Choosing where you’ll spend your next four years is a big decision, but hopefully you choose to join the amazing Hawkeye family!

Orientation Preparation: What You Need to Know

Hello future Hawkeyes,

I know summer has just begun, but we are already excited for class to start up again this fall and to welcome you all to the University of Iowa. Orientation is one of your first college experiences as you will get familiar with campus and pick out your first class schedule. As someone who is returning to work for Orientation Services for the second year and a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, I have a few tips on how to have a successful orientation program!

 1. Prepare in Advance

  • Upload your student ID picture at least 7 days prior to your orientation program for it to be ready for pick-up when you arrive on campus.
  • Make sure you know your Hawk ID (usually a name/letter combination) and password. An example of a HawkID for Joe Doe would be jdoe.
  • Finish part one of Success at Iowa online on your ICON account.
  • Take your placement tests such as the ALEKS Math Placement Test to ensure that your class registration goes smoothly.
  • Download the app HawkTools if you would like to access the 2-day orientation program agenda in advance.

2. Pack Accordingly

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Iowa summers get hot and humid but also know that some buildings may be cold due to air-conditioning. Plan for plenty of walking and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Bring a swimsuit or work-out clothes if you would like to take part in our late-night activity at the Campus Recreation & Well Center (CRWC).
  • If you stay in the residence halls, you will be given sheets, bedspread, towels, a washcloth, and a pillow. However, feel free to bring your own pillows or blankets if that helps you sleep better.
  • Bring toiletries and shower shoes if you plan on showering in the residence halls.

3. Bring a Positive Mindset and Attitude

  • Orientation can be a nerve-racking time for a lot of students but having a positive attitude can make the experience more enjoyable. Be ready to be adaptable and take advantage of getting to know your peers!
  • Start thinking about your future and potential majors or careers that grab your attention. Think about your strengths, weaknesses, and relevant class, work, or volunteer experiences that have influenced you.

4. Share Your Experience with Others

  • Keep your family, guests, and friends in the loop and think about sharing your expectations for college with each other on the drive up.
  • Take photos and share them on social media. If you use the hashtag #UIOrientation, you will be entered in to win a Hawk Shop giftcard!
  • Make sure to follow our Facebook Page University of Iowa Orientation Services for updates and pictures throughout the summer: www.facebook.com/uiorientation


We are all looking forward to meeting you soon! I hope you found these tips helpful. As always, Go Hawks!

Samantha Westphal
Social Media Coordinator
UI Orientation Services

Campus Resources

Hi Future Hawks!

With just months left until you begin your first college classes at the University of Iowa, I want to remind you of resources available to help you succeed academically and personally at the University of Iowa!

At your summer orientation program, you will meet your academic advisor and select your classes for the fall semester. Your academic advisor is a wonderful resource to you throughout all of your years in college, but most importantly your first semester. Your Academic Advisor can help provide insight to help you decide what you would like to major in, how classes can best fit your interests, help you create a balance between schoolwork and having free time or being involved on campus. They are like a one-stop-shop for any questions on how to succeed your first semester.

It is important to focus on your academics upon arrival to Iowa, and seek out resources that will help you do your best in your classes. Supplemental Instruction is a free resource offered for assistance in many of the classes students will take during their first year at Iowa. It is a tutoring session led by an upperclassman who has previously exceled in the course. The Academic Resource Center (ARC), located in the Iowa Memorial Union, assists students with finding tutoring opportunities, but is also a great place to start learning about our other tutoring centers on campus. Learn more about the opportunities here.

Don’t forget to have fun and get involved on campus! If you have questions about different student organizations or how to take the first steps to being involved, make sure to stop by the Pick One Fair during On Iowa! or reach out to the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership. Remember there are over 500 different student organizations and ways to make connections on campus!


Erin Monroe

Erin Monroe
Admission Counselor
The University of Iowa
Office of Admissions

Decison Day

Hi Future Hawkeyes!

Each day, it is getting closer to the deadline to accept your offer of admission. The last day to accept your offer of admission to the University of Iowa is May 1st , and we want to do everything possible to help you make your decision.

Important factors to consider:

  • Do you feel comfortable on campus?
  • Does the University of Iowa feel like home?
  • What do you see yourself getting involved in on campus?
  • Is this the right financial fit?

Consider visiting campus! If you have not visited the University of Iowa yet, we strongly encourage that you do so before May 1st. If you have been to campus before, we would love to welcome you back! This is a great opportunity to ask questions to our current University of Iowa students. By visiting campus you can gain a better feel for the way campus is set up and where you will be spending your time as a student for the next four years. We would also encourage you to explore downtown Iowa City and get a taste for the local culture that makes up our eclectic college town. Click HERE to schedule a visit, or call our Admissions Visitor Center at 319-335-1566.

What remaining questions do you have about the University of Iowa? Please contact our Office of Admission to speak with an available Admission Counselor to find the answers to your questions to help you make your decision. Phone: 319-335-3847 Email: admissions@uiowa.edu

In the end, trust your gut. If Iowa feels like home and you are excited about all of the opportunities that come with attending a Big 10 institution with a small town feel, make sure you accept your offer of admission via your admissions profile by the May 1st deadline.

We are excited to welcome you to the Hawkeye Family, and we hope to see you on campus this fall!

Go Hawks!

Erin Monroe

Erin Monroe
Admission Counselor
The University of Iowa
Office of Admissions

The Final Stretch

It’s about four months away from your high school graduation, congratulations! But don’t forget about your long-term goals. Before you know it, you will be caught up in the excitement with the end of high school activities, hanging out with friends, and preparing for your summer festivities. While these are all things to look forward to, there are some key factors to keep in mind over the next few months to prepare you for college and set yourself up for success.

First, don’t forget to finish strong in your classes! Your grades still matter. Even though you have already been admitted to Iowa or other institutions, you still need to try to get the best grades possible. Colleges will be requesting your final transcripts upon high school graduation. These final grades will be used to confirm that you are in good academic standing prior to starting at the University of Iowa.

Next, you should apply for scholarships within your community. Work with your high school counselor to find scholarship opportunities. Many times, your high school counselor will have some great pointers or places to begin searching for outside scholarships. Also, consider looking at scholarships on a national level, such as databases like Fastweb and College Board.

Over your high school career you may have taken Advance Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate Program (IB), or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) courses. Now, you might be wondering if you can receive college credit for your hard work in these classes. Visit our Credit by Exam Options to see how you can earn college credit before you arrive on campus. This will free up time and money to potentially pursue a double major, an additional minor, and/or a study abroad experience.

If you have not applied to the University of Iowa yet, but still have interest in attending, our application deadline is quickly approaching on March 1st! Apply now, HERE!

For students who have applied and been admitted, you have until May 1st to accept your offer of admission. You can accept your offer of admission via your admission profile by paying the $250 acceptance fee.

Enjoy your last few months of high school, and welcome to the Hawkeye family!


Erin Monroe

Erin Monroe
Admission Counselor
The University of Iowa
Office of Admissions

Your College Visit Guide

Visiting a college campus is one of the most important and helpful things a student can do in their process to select the college that is the best fit. Here are a few tips and tricks to consider to make sure you will get the most out of your visit to campus at the University of Iowa and ways to make it memorable.

  • Before you visit:
    • Reflect on what are the most important factors a school needs to have for you to attend.
    • Prepare a list of questions.
    • Research Iowa City and see if there are other things you would like to do outside of your scheduled visit.
    • Begin to think about what you might like to study in college. What is your major? At Iowa we offer over 200 areas of study, you can learn more here.
  • On your visit:
    • Make the most of your campus tour! Be sure to ask your tour guides about their student experience, see how they are involved on campus, ask for advice about what they wish they had known before coming to college, etc.
    • Get all of your questions answered! Make sure you come prepared with some questions about your college “deal-breakers”- what do you want to make sure the University of Iowa offers to ensure you the best possible college experience. Talk to your tour guides, speak with Admissions staff, ask questions during the presentation! Remember, this campus visit is about you- the people who you come in contact with during your visit are there to help you determine if Iowa is the right fit for you, so if there is something you are dying to know more about, don’t be afraid to speak up!

While on campus, I would encourage you to also check out our eclectic Downtown Iowa City with over 70+ restaurants and unique boutiques to shop, conveniently located directly across the street from the Pentacrest. Begin to explore the city you might call home for the next four years! There are multiple coffee shops that students make their own over their time at Iowa and are popular study spots! Be sure to check out Java House on Washington Street for a taste of local flavor and a glimpse of what could be a part of your future study routine.

If you are looking for unique ways to supplement your campus visit and would like more ways to learn about student life and what it is like to live in Iowa City, here are some tips:

Visiting a college campus is an exciting time, so don’t forget to have fun and take lots of pictures. I recommend also taking a minute or two after your visit to write down how the campus made you feel. This will help when you are comparing colleges after you have gone on several college visits.

If you have questions regarding your campus visit, or would like to schedule one, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at 319-335-1566.

Erin Monroe

Erin Monroe
Admission Counselor
The University of Iowa
Office of Admissions

How to Get the Most Out of Your College Experience

how-toThe University of Iowa is a welcoming and inspiring place where you can focus on your studies and engage in a multitude of opportunities beyond the classroom. As a May 2015 graduate from the University of Iowa, I valued my time in the classroom, but I also learned that it is important to take time to involve yourself in the Iowa City community. Here are some tips and tricks!

  • Join Student Organizations!
    • I cannot stress the importance of getting involved. There are over 500 different student organizations at the University of Iowa, and this number continues to grow. In addition to the opportunities already available, students have the ability to create their own student organizations. To see student organizations that you can join as a member of the Hawkeye family, visit http://uiowa.orgsync.com/. Future Hawkeyes will have opportunities to learn more about individual student organizations at their summer orientation program, the student organization fair at On Iowa!, by informational emails sent to their University of Iowa email address, and throughout the semester by word of mouth.
  • Give Back!
    • Not only can students get involved in student organizations, but many of these organizations allow Hawkeyes to volunteer within the Iowa City community. There are additional opportunities to discover community service by attending Volunteer Fairs hosted on campus. To see how you can volunteer at the University of Iowa, check out the following resources:
    • Become a Researcher!
      • At the University of Iowa, 27% of undergraduate students participate in research. The University of Iowa is a Tier 1 research institution, meaning that all professors at Iowa, in all departments, are conducting research and developing new discoveries in their respective fields. Because all professors are engaging in research, students can speak with their individual professors to see how they can get involved in research. Discover more about research at Iowa here: https://uiowa.edu/icru/.
    • Gain experience for your Résumé!
      • All of the activities listed above can be used to enhance your college résumé, but be sure to also check out the resources made available by the Pomerantz Career Center. The Pomerantz Career Center hosts opportunities for résumé workshops and mock interviews, and Career Advisors will assist you in writing a cover letter. Most importantly, they provide resources that help students find jobs. The Pomerantz Career Center hosts career fairs that hundreds of employers from across the nation attend with the intention of hiring our Hawkeyes! This is a great opportunity for students who are looking for jobs while they are current students at Iowa, for future internship experiences, and full-time employment. Students can look for jobs on campus, within the community, and across the nation by using Hireahawk.com, a resource managed by our career center. To learn more, visit the Pomerantz Career Center’s website at: https://careers.uiowa.edu/.

You may be thinking that college graduation is far away, but your time at Iowa will fly by, so be sure expand your horizons, try new things, and develop your passions!

If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at 319-335-1566 to ask your specific questions! Go Hawks!

Erin Monroe

Erin Monroe
Admission Counselor
The University of Iowa
Office of Admissions

Six Steps to Becoming a Hawkeye

  1. The Application Process
    • Fill out an application before March 1st. It’s all online and self-reporting so I promise it won’t take you very long.6-steps-to-becoming-a-hawkeye
    • Pay the $40 application fee and hit submit
    • Have your ACT or SAT scores sent to us (Institutional codes are 1356 for the ACT and 6681 for the SAT)
  2. Take a look at our merit-based scholarships!
    • Here is a full list of incoming first-year scholarships through the Office of Admissions
    • But some departments also offer first-year scholarships so look through the Iowa Scholarship Portal once you’ve been admitted.
    • Look at outside scholarships! Who doesn’t love free money?!
  3. Seriously considering Iowa? Fill out the housing application
    • If you want to be given top priority in your housing preferences don’t wait to fill it out!
    • Application opens beginning of November
    • Pick your top Living Learning Communities and pay your housing application fee
  4. Financial Aid
    • Interested in potentially more free money? It doesn’t hurt to fill out the FAFSA, that’s free, and apply for more aid.
    • Watch our financial aid webinar that’s being hosted on November 2nd by signing up on tv.
  5. Spring rolls around and you’re still not sure that Iowa is for you… come to one of our Admitted Student Visit Days!
    • Sign up through our Admission Visitors Center for either a visit day or individual visit to campus by calling 319-335-1566 or emailing campus-visits@uiowa.edu.
  6. Become a first year student, make a bunch of new friends, and go change the world!

Falling for Fall

The fall has come and the students are back. Iowa City and campus are buzzing with a new found energy and I love it! Festivals, changing leaves, and of course football traditions are my favorite things about this time of year. One of my greatest regrets when I was a first-year student in college was not exploring the community soon enough. There’s a lot going on, and I was so distracted with everything that was happening on campus!

So, here are my top five recommendations for students new to Iowa City:

  1. The Englert Theater downtown is always bringing in different shows –comedians, musicians and even magicians! They even give out student rate tickets.katie-langenfeld-2
  2. Get outside! Fall is such a beautiful time of year and there are so many places to enjoy it. Head to
    Lake McBride and check out a canoe with a friend, pack a picnic and walk to City Park, or rent a
    bike and hit the trails.
  3. Head to the Pedestrian Mall downtown and pop into all of the local shops and book stores – there are so many great choices even if you’re not looking to buy anything. Some places offer discounts to current students.
  4. Through the end of October, Iowa City hosts a local Farmers Market every Wednesday and Saturday. There’s great food and many times live music to enjoy.
  5. Check out the incredible Hancher lineup! Whether you’re into theatre, music, or dance, the new performance building has something for you. Students get discounts on tickets for some events, too!13556955_1154539151270331_1504827250_n
  6. Find the perfect pumpkin spice latte at one of Iowa City’s cozy coffee shops. High Ground Cafe, and Prairie Lights Bookstore and Cafe are some of my favorites!

So, grab a friend, floor mate or someone you just met and get to know the community together!

Summer in Iowa City

I love Iowa City. I still remember the feeling I had during my campus visit when I walked through the Pedestrian Mall for the first time. I was home.

As beautiful and magical of a place as this is during the school year, there is something even more special about Iowa City in the summertime. As a UI student, I spent three summers in Iowa City – taking classes, working on campus, and participating in internships. When I wasn’t studying or working, I was able to enjoy all of the amazing things the area has to offer a Hawkeye explorer like myself.

Downtown IC resized

From May to August, the communities surrounding the university are bursting with energy and activity. Iowa City in the summer is home to numerous festivals, weekly concerts, farmer’s markets, outdoor dining, and much, much more. Follow the Iowa River to find some tremendous hiking, biking, camping, swimming, and beaches in the area. There is always something unique and fun to check out.

You can enjoy 4th of July fireworks over the Old Capital during JazzFest, go for a stroll down the Iowa River Corridor Trail, check out an outdoor movie on the Pentacrest, hang out with friends at the City Park pool, or relax away your day on a kayak at Lake Macbride.

Lake Macbride

Now more than ever, it is great to be a UI student over the summer in Iowa City. Take advantage of the Summer Hawk Tuition Grant to save thousands on your college education and stay on track to graduate in four years or less. Or stick around to enhance your skills through an internship or summer job. No matter what you do, you won’t regret the opportunity to get involved in the community and spend more time at Iowa.

It’s more than summer love. It’s Iowa City.

Check out photos of some of our favorite summertime activities in Iowa City on our Storify. Then start to imagine spending your summer at Iowa!