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  • MauricioFrom Chicago to Iowa City
    By Mauricio on Fri Sep 20th, 2019

    Moving from Chicago to Iowa City was a tough choice. Chicago is my city. Chicago is home. But I committed to The University of Iowa for the following reasons in no particular order.

    The University of Iowa
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  • MayaHawkeye Football
    By Maya on Thu Sep 19th, 2019

    The long awaited days of Hawkeye football are over. Obviously I am a bit overdue on this article, but what I wanted to provide an insightful blog as to what game days are like for a freshman
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  • DestinyCyHawk Weekend!
    By Destiny on Tue Sep 17th, 2019

    Hey again!

    This weekend I was lucky enough to Ames, Iowa, where the annual Iowa vs. Iowa State football game was held this year. Thankfully, one of my very good friends, Maria, has an apartment close to
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  • Mariana#1 George’s Gyros Fan
    By Mariana on Thu Sep 12th, 2019

    Life is so good in Iowa City. My classes this year are a bit more difficult. I’m taking 3 classes for my major and 2 gen eds. (Yep, I finally decided on my major! Hip, hip, hooray!)

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  • ChloeA Weekend In Iowa City
    By Chloe on Tue Sep 10th, 2019

    A couple weeks have gone by since I’ve moved here to Iowa City, and I finally feel like I know where I’m going on a daily basis (I did get lost a couple days ago in Burge,
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  • DylanTransition to Sophomore Year
    By Dylan on Mon Sep 9th, 2019

    As I move into my sophomore year here at the university of Iowa, I feel truly overwhelmed with joy and comfort. The jump from freshman to sophomore year is a very large jump. Honestly, the amount of
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  • EmilyWhat to do during summer vacation? 
    By Emily on Fri Sep 6th, 2019

    What to do during summer vacation? 

    Hi, Hawkeyes, I’m back! I started off sophomore year with a bang as an International Student Small Group Leader for international student orientation. I’m not beginning rehearsal for Dancers in Company,
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  • Ava Move-in and On Iowa!
    By Ava on Fri Aug 30th, 2019

    When I first moved into Stanley Hall I was a bundle of emotions. Excited to embark on my new journey and independence, but terrified to be somewhere I was still learning about. I remember the night before
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  • KamrynBack in Black & Gold
    By Kamryn on Fri Aug 30th, 2019

    Hey, Hawkeyes!

    I’m feeling a little emotional because I started my senior year at the University of Iowa this week, but I wanted to start off on the right foot with blogging this year.  For those who
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  • LizbethThe Final Stretch – Resources on Campus to Help Chug Along!
    By Lizbeth on Thu Jul 11th, 2019

    Here we go, the last two weeks of classes and a week of finals. I will officially be done with sophomore year in three short weeks – time flies at the University of Iowa. While it brings
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