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  • CallieDear Mom & Dad: an open letter to my parents
    By Callie on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017

    Dear Mom & Dad,

    They always say that parents are excited to send their last kid off to college. They say that the “empty nester phase” is the most fun, and that you’ll soon find yourself sitting
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  • CaitlinCommonly Asked Questions
    By Caitlin on Sun Oct 22nd, 2017

    For almost a year now I’ve had the honor of being a university tour guide. That means I’m lucky enough to spend a few hours a week talking about how amazing the University of Iowa and Iowa
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  • DerekBig 10, Small Feel
    By Derek on Thu Oct 19th, 2017

    Before I get started, I’d like to update you on a few things after being here for over two months now.

    I killed my midterms which has made me one happy scholar. The midterm stress is real
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  • SamanthaIOWA SHOUT
    By Samantha on Tue Oct 17th, 2017

    Every year for homecoming each sorority is paired up with a fraternity to put on a skit for the Iowa community. This year Alpha Phi was lucky enough to be paired up with two awesome frats: Acacia and
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  • CaitlynFinding My Way
    By Caitlyn on Fri Oct 13th, 2017

    I’ve had a lot of incredibly impactful conversations lately, all under the guise of a routine lecture, appointment, or office visit.

    It all started with my Public Health Direct Admit Seminar. One class period, two Career Peer
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  • LizbethThe Truth
    By Lizbeth on Wed Oct 11th, 2017

    Hey there! I’m going to take a little twist and start this blog post off differently. I want you to take a second and clear your mind. Now think: What’s the first thing that pops into mind
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  • EnzoHomecoming and weekends
    By Enzo on Tue Oct 10th, 2017

    Hello everybody, welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. I hope you have enjoyed your Homecoming.

    Although this is my second year here I still didn’t know why we celebrate homecoming. I had the same question last
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  • KamrynThe Unsung Heroes of College Football
    By Kamryn on Sun Sep 24th, 2017

    It takes a village to run a college football program.

    Players. Coaches. Graduate Assistants. Directors. The list goes on.

    But buried deep in the back pages of the weekly program, you’ll find the groups that, although essential
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  • SehsehSuitUp!
    By Sehseh on Thu Sep 21st, 2017

    Hey everyone, the semester has just been sliding by so far. A couple things have happened since I last wrote:

    I retook the LSAT (scores pending and I don’t want to talk about it)
    I’ve started some
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  • RachelApartment Hunting
    By Rachel on Tue Sep 19th, 2017

    One of the most grown-up things I did in college as a freshman happened around this time last year; I signed a lease. I can vividly remember how great it felt to have the newfound freedom of
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