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  • MarianaSick and Alone
    By Mariana on Mon Feb 18th, 2019

    There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning with a sore throat and not having your mom there for you to pout to and tell her, “Mom, I have a sore throat.” Then, have her
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  • KamrynFootball in Paradise
    By Kamryn on Thu Jan 10th, 2019

    If you would have told me six months prior to the start of my first year at the University of Iowa that I’d be on the video staff for the Iowa football team and that I’d spend
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  • EmilyInternational Celebration Traditions
    By Emily on Thu Feb 14th, 2019

    Although I am a little early for Chinese New Year (it’s in February), I couldn’t resist writing about the university’s amazing international celebrations and the decorations that they put up.

    Last semester, I wasn’t surprised to see
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  • McKennaWinter Blues!!
    By McKenna on Fri Feb 1st, 2019

    If you’re in agreement with the majority of students on campus, you are about done with this weather.

    It’s cold,


    and cold!!

    Here are some tips on how to avoid the Winter Blues!

    Music! My ride
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  • DylanHow to Beat the Winter Blues
    By Dylan on Tue Jan 8th, 2019

    As students flood back to campus after a restful time at home, they return to what was an empty Iowa City.  Without students, the city is completely different. No traffic, few pedestrians. Restaurants closing sooner, all are
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  • LizbethAnother amazing semester, in the books!
    By Lizbeth on Mon Dec 17th, 2018

    I survived yet another semester here at the University of Iowa! The two weeks leading up to finals and the week of finals is a crazy, crazy, crazy time. Trust me, you’re not the only one that
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  • QuinnForesight and Hindsight – Internal Controversy
    By Quinn on Wed Dec 12th, 2018

    Scheduling classes? Crazy.  Professors? Crazy.  Midterms? Don’t even get me started. COLLEGE. IS. CRAZY.

    But you know what else is crazy that we seem to overlook every time? Life.

    I can now look back at my childhood
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  • LaurenThen and Now
    By Lauren on Mon Dec 3rd, 2018

    My first semester at the University of Iowa was not what I was expecting. Socially, emotionally, and physically things shifted from my last summer at home. As this semester closes out with a week of finals, I’ve
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