Detours Still Lead To Your Destination

One of the main reasons I came to Iowa was for the vast amount of opportunities they had to offer. Within the first week of being on campus, OnIowa reminded me of that. As all of the fun came to an end, I slowly grew sad. College was officially going to start but I wasn’t ready for it to begin. I would be waking up early to go to classes, finding time for meals, and doing homework in my spare time. I had to be responsible on my own, for no one was telling me what to do. As the first week went by, I realized it wasn’t as bad as I assumed. Waking up early helped me get a good start to the day, I always had meals prepared whenever I was hungry, and had plenty of time to do my homework.

I recently joined an organization called National Retail Foundation (NRF). I came across NRF through an email promoting their organization. Recently, all the organizations on campus have been promoting their group through emails hoping students will join. After weeks of emails, they all blur into one but NRF’s had caught my eye. It stated, “Are you interested in working for companies like Nike, Ulta, Amazon, Wal-Mart, or Kohl’s?” and I instantly read the entire email.

My dream is to work in the fashion industry. I had planned on staying at Iowa for my Freshman year and transferring to a fashion school. Only three weeks into staying at Iowa I realized that plan would change. My revised plan is to enroll in the Tippie College of Business where I will learn the marketing side of fashion.

The NRF program will give me connections and an insight to the consumer side of the companies. We will hear from speakers in the retail industry and take professional trips to other cities. This past Wednesday our organization video chatted with Brian Lemek from Aldi. He works in logistics, which essentially means he helps make sure all items that are being transported to and from Aldi are being shipped on a timely matter. We were able to ask him personal questions and he gave us advice on the right steps to take with our future careers.

I came to Iowa because I knew that they would have so many opportunities to help me grow as a student and an individual. I’ll always remember a peer of mine from high school asked me where I was going after graduation. I told her Iowa and her immediate response was, “Really? I feel like you can go farther than that.” It did make me think twice about the decision at the time. Was I capable of more and just didn’t know it? Should I have a chosen an ivy league school? Without a doubt no. I can whole heartedly tell anyone that Iowa is a school that pushes you to be your best and wants to see you succeed.

Iowa might not have a fashion program, but I am still able to take the necessary steps to reach my dream. Not only has Iowa proved they have so many opportunities for me with my interests, but for all 31,200 students as well.

I worried that changing my major so late would put me behind academically. For my first semester I’d be taking classes that weren’t necessary for my new plan. All I could think about was transferring schools to officially start my fashion career. I could worry all I wanted to, but I realize now that everything happened for a reason. I was meant to come to Iowa.

Sometimes you take a couple wrong turns in life and feel that the detour will set you back. But it’s not about who gets to the destination first. Everyone encounters their own detours. What you make of the journey is what matters, because at the end of the day that’s what truly shapes who you are.

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