Welcome Back

Welcome Back! To the incoming class of 2021, I hope your first week of school went well! Being that this is my third year on campus, I would like to say I have quite a bit of useful knowledge about the University and Iowa City. Fall semester has so much to offer, so I broke down everything I think you need to know to make the most of this semester.

  1. Attend Hawkeye Football. Arguably the most important part of fall in Iowa City. Football season is not something to be missed. There’s something about spending time with your 70,000 closest friends in Kinnick stadium that you won’t find anywhere else.
  2. Explore the PedMall. If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes in Iowa City this one is pretty self-explanatory. We are so lucky to have a lively downtown a 30 second walk from campus and it would be silly to not use it. From the fun night life, to all the cute local restaurants and shops this is definitely the place to be during the warm summer months.
  3. Join a Student Org. No matter which one it is, or how you come across it, I think it is so important to find something outside of your academic world that you are passionate about. It can be a great way to meet new people and forget about all the stress that comes with college classes.
  4. Explore Outside of Iowa City. While Iowa City has so much to offer sometimes it can be nice to just get away. Going just a little bit out of Iowa City can give you a whole new world to explore. Some of my favorite places to go are the small shopping areas in Coralville and Lake MacBride.
  5. Be spontaneous. While this isn’t a specific thing to do, I think it is an important thing to do especially when you are just coming back to school. One of my best pieces of advice for anyone in college is to just go out and do things. We only have 4 years as undergraduate students and so many things to do, so make sure you don’t look back and realize you wasted all of your time thinking about it.

Welcome back to school Hawks. Personally speaking – it’s good to be home.

Until Next Time

Go Hawks!


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