How to get through midterms (and not go insane)

Well, it’s been over a month since school started, and midterms round 1 is truly underway. Just this week, I have a speech to present and two midterms, along with a couple midterms last week. Although it is a lot, I have found some ways to help me stay focused and get through it: 


Put Your Phone Away 

This one is at the top because it is, in my opinion, the most important one. If you’re like me, someone who gets easily distracted by literally anything going on within their phone, it’s easiest to put your phone somewhere out of sight AND out of reach so you can’t get to it. Sometimes, I like to go to the lounge in my dorm to finish my homework and leave my phone in my room, just so I’m not tempted to constantly check and get distracted. 

Don’t Procrastinate Things 

This is actually something that I’m still trying to learn myself. Especially in college, you cannot leave big assignments to the last minute. Speaking from experience, it just causes unnecessary stress and a larger potential to do worse on the assignment. If it’s a test, start studying days before, not just the night before. Start your essays before the night it’s due. Practice your speeches before the day before you need to present them.  Doing your smaller assignments a day or two early as well can decrease your stress levels exponentially.  

Get Help if you Need It 

There are so many resources here at Iowa that are here to help students. There’s the Writing Center, for any kind of writing anyone needs help with, and there’s even a specific Rhetoric center. There’s Supplemental Instruction for a wide variety of classes, a Speaking Center for presentations and speeches, and a Math Lab for students in any math class. Professors and TA’s have office hours. The point is, if you need help in essentially any class, you will be able to get it.  

Set aside Designated Break Times 

This is especially important when you have a ton of homework to do in one night. For me, it’s usually that I tell myself that I’m going to finish this assignment and then I can watch an episode of That 70s show or The Office and then I have to get back to doing the rest of my work. Doing everything in one go can be tiring and lead to careless work. Breaks are SO important during stressful weeks, but it’s also essential that you don’t let the breaks get out of hand. 


That’s all I have for you today.

Remember to get enough sleep and drink lots of water!


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