Saying Goodbye to Freshman Year

As we know it, anyway. 

Honestly, when everything started happening with the coronavirus, I never thought that it would get this bad. I thought that I would go home for spring break, stay another couple weeks for the online portion, and then be able to go back, not that we would be told we were going online for the rest of the semester and subsequently kicked out of the dorms. 


Saying goodbye to the dorms was harder than I thought it was going to be. Truthfully, I wasn’t looking forward to the dorms and the whole concept of sharing a shoebox sized room with another person, but my dorm room was HUGE. A triple sized room with only two of us had its perks. And it was nice to have the concept of freedom, of being able to go anywhere and do anything, but also not having the responsibility of cooking my own meals. By the way… Burge? The best dining hall.  

But I still feel like I am in denial of the entire concept and I need to be back in Wisconsin for five months. Five.  

And After 🥺

I finally felt comfortable on campus. First semester was filled with the uncertainty of moving to a new state, basically by myself, and trying to find a place in the giant campus that is Iowa. I didn’t have any friends or anything to fill my time. I finally was able to find my place, at the Daily Iowan, and was able to find coworkers and friends that I actually really enjoy spending time with. I’m one of those people who needs to have a routine, however slight of one, throughout the day.  The routine that I was able to get comfortable in at Iowa was just upended.

This post sounds super dim, and for good reason: I’m going to miss my friends, my job, and my life as I know it at Iowa. But thinking about it, there are some positives to being home. My bed isn’t lofted anymore, so the process of getting in and out of my bed to go to the bathroom isn’t nearly as much of a chore as it was. And I am able to hang out with my dog and cat again, who are (unbiased) the cutest pets that one can have.

But everything is going to be okay. I, and everyone, will be back in Iowa in the fall. We will be back. It will happen. 

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