Taking a Leap

Attending the U of Iowa easily has been the best decision of my life. After attending a small high school, seeing the same people, and having the same daily routine for the past 10 years, I knew I needed change. A rather large change… I needed someone or something to just push me off that cliff so I was forced to figure out how to thrive in a totally different environment. I have had a supportive family as a backbone for my whole life, but I was yearning to learn to be independent to teach myself how strong I really am.

I was never a shy girl growing up, but I always struggled finding my voice. The downside to living in a small area is that once you are established, it is hard to find new opportunity, new passions, and new friends. I needed something a lot larger than what the Quad Cities had to offer.

Iowa City is a large place, filled with tons of people who are willing to bring out the best in you. Within the first two weeks of being on campus at Iowa, my life has completely flipped 180. I’m finding a new version of myself and exploring new passions I never could’ve fathomed at home.

I wanted to share with you a few things I have found so far while being on campus…

Finding my Group

It’s so easy to find friends who you vibe with at college. Meeting new people has been an unsettling experience in the past, but it is such a cool experience in college. The people who have the same morals and goals as you usually stick around, and I believe that is how I found my friend group. I am so extremely lucky to have met such an amazing group of people. It’s not like at home where you have to drive all over to hang out. At Iowa my closest friends either live down the hall or a short 10 minute walk away!

Finding my Voice

If you would’ve told me a month ago that I would be a Student Experience Blogger for Iowa, I wouldn’t have believed you. That is something that sounds achievable but seems so far out of reach. I knew I wanted to go into marketing but other than that I had no direction on where I wanted to take my public speaking/ writing passion after declaring as a marketing major. I took the leap, submitted an application, and got it! Whether you want to be a doctor, CEO of a business, or an engineer, Iowa has opportunities like this EVERYWHERE!! Please take the leap, even if you feel unqualified. Who knows where you might end up in a few months! :)

Finding my Freedom

College = freedom… I feel like that’s what the majority of students look forward to once they step foot on campus. No parents hovering over your head, it’s all yours, it’s all what you make of it. The world is yours. I never realized how much spare time I had until I was the one mediating what I needed to do, where I needed to be, and how I would get things done. It’s almost freaky. I’m trying my best to not let the days blend together and all feel the same. I have the freedom to make my life as interesting as I can make it!

…. Don’t be afraid to take the leap… go explore, there are so many more beautiful, crazy, amazingly awesome things you have yet to find out about yourself… 

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