A New You

Yes, it is here. College. Wow, just wow. Where does time go? I remember trying to hit a ball off a tee with my way too small helmet for my way too big head. I almost looked like Chicken Little when he saved the day in his first baseball game.

Sorry, sorry, I’m getting off topic. It is really hard not to on Move-In day.

Move-in day makes for a rainbow of emotions. You feel ecstatic for this new journey, new people, ‘new you’. While you feel like a little kid on Christmas, you also feel the sense of an ending. Your family has been with you through every step, but Move-In day is when it is time to let go of their hand.

Now, some kids cannot wait to get away from their parents. Some kids don’t even want to think about letting go. Me? I’d say I’m probably in the middle. I love my family, I love my hometown, but at the same time I love the University of Iowa. So, if you are wondering what rushes through your head during this huge day in your life, just expect a rainbow of emotions.

However, after saying goodbye to your parents (Yes, I cried and I am not ashamed), you get to explore new places, meet new people, and take advantage of what the U of I has to offer. After my parents left, I was asked by a friend I met at Orientation if I wanted to go to the ‘Around The World Food Crawl’. What is better than food when you have the blues? You guessed it, free food!

Then, my roommate and I combined with a couple of new friends and hit up the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center to play some pick-up basketball. I am proud to say, as of now, my record is 2-0. I am as proud as I am out of shape, which is very much so.

If you feel like you’ll be one of those kids who will think about home 24/7, stay busy. Not only do you have fun, you meet some new people. Don’t worry about judgement or about embarrassing yourself, it is college. Everyone is in the same boat as you, so take advantage of that.

At the end of the day, sit back and be proud of yourself. You did it, you made it to college. You can now start on a ‘new you’. Be ready for all of the new opportunities that lie ahead, don’t be afraid to mess up, but most importantly, soak it all in. My parents said that college was the best time in their life, but also the shortest thanks to time being faster than Usain Bolt.

I am more than beyond Cloud 9 that I chose the University of Iowa. I’m just as nervous as I am excited. I have my job orientation in a few days and I attend my first college class on Monday (Elementary French I, oui oui).

A lot has happened in these first couple of days, but I feel like I’m ready to take on this new journey. I can’t wait to see ‘New Derek’ by the end of this experience. Hopefully his jokes are more funny, because they are a little rough at the moment.



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