The Final Stretch

Welp, it’s the first day of classes after spring break. Before I get into the meat of this post, I just have to say this break was a needed one. Plain and simple.

Not to say the other breaks weren’t needed, but this 2nd semester has been a bit more stressful than the 1st. That is expected and I am truly enjoying being busy. It makes time fly by faster than it usually does.

Speaking of time, I only have 7 weeks of classes left until Finals Week. WOW. It is absolutely nuts to think I am on the final stretch of my first year in college. I remember I was so nervous, excited, and prepared for college a year ago. Needless to say, this place has exceeded my expectations and challenged me in ways I didn’t think were possible.

It felt just like yesterday I was on my first visit here in Iowa City. I remember the people in my group, and a lot of weird yet quirky facts about the U of I. Like, there is more than 5 MILLION resources in our Libraries. I sometimes forget all of the great things this University offers to benefit the success of the students. Don’t worry, I have been taking advantage of them whenever possible!

I remember coming to Orientation with so many questions and expectations. I met some awesome people and some friends that I still have today. I remember knowing the Iowa Fight Song before anyone else did, but I mumbled it to fit in. But seriously, GO HAWKS!

The tears that came from my parents heading back home without me were pretty tough. I don’t care how tough you are, you’ll get emotional when your parents leave. You may not cry like I did, but I’m man enough to admit the emotions got to me more than expected. Don’t worry, I dealt with it by getting some free food with the On Iowa! food crawl around downtown Iowa City. Food is the key to happiness, let me tell you firsthand.

The first day of class was one to remember as well. I got up all early and got all spiffed up. By spiffed up I mean wearing a Vikings tee-shirt and a raincoat with some jeans. Yes, my wardrobe has expanded since I’ve been on campus, thank you very much. Not only that, I met up with some buddies from home that go here and witnessed the Solar Eclipse. Hundreds of people gathered on the Pentacrest to gaze upon this natural showcase. I’m going to throw a hot take here, but it wasn’t worth the hype. I guess I thought the world would go dark. My lack of knowledge must explain my lack of interest in my science class I am taking right now. (I have a decent grade, but that class just drains me.)

I got to be a part of Hawkeye history by attending in the first Wave to the Stead Family Children’s Hospital at the end of the first quarter. I don’t recall of a moment that made me feel so proud to be a Hawkeye. Many people had tears in their eyes, and while I was one of them, I remembered that moments like that is what makes being a Hawkeye so special.

Coming home and answering questions about the University of Iowa has to be one of the most fulfilling feelings for me. People ask what it’s like, where I live, what I am studying, if I’ve been to every football game, or if the food is great there. I can certainly answer positively to all of those, but I just say “It’s great to be a Hawkeye”. Boy oh boy, it is.

While I still have some work to do to finish out this year, I’ve been recollecting a lot of the memories made in my short time here. It makes me so excited to see what is in store for the rest of this year and the years to come. Hopefully time slows down a bit, because I sure do love being a Hawkeye.

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