Academic Transition to Iowa

Many high school students have a misconception about large school college classes.  While some of my classes are large lecture hall settings, there are also weekly discussion sections of them with a TA where we can engage in discussions with our peers to advance our knowledge even more.  These sections allow us to connect more personably with a credible teaching assistant to further our learning. Also, it gives us a better chance to connect with fellow students for group projects and to engage more with the content.  


Throughout my first month here at Iowa, the adjustment to classes has been incredibly smooth.  The professors each make themselves greatly accessible to every student. If you (as the student), take time to go and seek our your professor’s help then they will guide you through whatever you problem is.  This access to professors can help students develop a personal relationship with them.


After now having taken my first college exams, finding your teachers for office hours has greatly assisted me in my learning and ability to comprehend the information.  Whether it is just reviewing your notes with a professor, it can lead to an advancement in your education and knowledge. I love how the professors are willing to engage in vivid conversations with students on their subject matter.  


Also, a great aspect of Iowa is the ability to to take even general education classes that you are genuinely interested.  I am currently taking Media Uses and Effects as a general education, but I also have a distinct passion for this course material.  I am specifically fascinated with how the media affects sports business and marketing. It is interesting to see the link between the course material we are learning and my personal passion of sports.


In this course, I also have the freedom to partake in an extended project where I am looking into research in the field of how the media plays a role in sports.  This wouldn’t be possible without the professor being available to talk personally with me and them taking a genuine interest in my education. I am extremely humbled by the magnitude of personal interest that the professors put into student’s lives.  While everything thinks they can come to a large university and be essentially anonymous, this is not the case at Iowa. Sure, you could just fade into the back of the class and not make yourself available, but if you put the time and effort into connecting with your professors, they will be more than happy to get to you you and help you with anything you would need!             

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