Finding your Community

After a quick first two months here at Iowa, there has been a variety of amazing moments and fun experiences.  But none of those experiences could have happened if it wasn’t for the community that has surrounded me.

Coming into Iowa and knowing nobody, I was scared about whether I would fit in and if I could find a community of people for me.  That worry has been definitely resolved! Quickly I have found many great friends whom I know I can call in any situation and they will be there for me.  Also, I have a diversity of community groups that I have become a part of which each represent a different area of my life and passions that I have. What I love about each of these communities is that they each play a vital role in my Iowa experience and all touch on my interests.  

For starters, since I am a basketball manager, the basketball team and community has been a great home for me.  I have met and become friends with many of the guys and feel a sense of community in that position. I truly love my job and that is in large part due to the fantastic people that I interact with everyday.    

Also, as a Christian, the community that I have cultivated through the Salt Company has also been one I can lean on.  Salt Company is a college ministry that meets every Thursday Night. They are a part of Veritas Church as well, so there is a community for me on Sunday mornings too.  To add even more to that, I am apart of a connection group with some senior mentors who help guide me along the way through my faith and overall experience at Iowa. No matter what community group you choose to be apart of, there will be a multitude of people who look out for you and care for you through everything.

Finally, I have felt an incredible sense of community in all of my classes.  In my smaller classes like Rhetoric and some of the discussion sections, I have built strong relationships with many fellow classmates and have been able to collaborate with them outside of the classroom.  Even in my larger lecture hall classes, I have met many great people of whom I sit next to and learn from as well. This social interaction and community within the classroom helps not only with my learning of the materials, but also with the feeling of a sense of belonging within the large lecture hall settings.  

Overall, through all three of these areas, I have found tremendous individuals for me to bond with, learn with, share life with, and have great time with.  These three areas represent a large area of my interests and life and to find people within each of these settings, has allowed me to enjoy my college experience exponentially more.  I know there are people I can call on in any circumstance and I know they will be there for me!

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