Letter to Mom after my first three months at Iowa

Dear Mom,

I know you are enjoying the sunny and 75 degree weather back in Los Angeles.  Here in Iowa City, winter has come a bit early. We had our first snowfall this last weekend and the colder temperatures have come as well.   

As I am living away from home for the first time, I am starting to realize all of the aspects that come with being an adult and living on my own.  I am realizing the ins and outs of life that I always took for granted while I lived at home.

I must say however, that I love the freedom that comes with living on my own.  I have the ability to go and hang with friends whenever I want and I feel I am not restricted by any specific schedule (other than my classes).  Planning my own schedule for the day has been a blast and I truly enjoy the chance to make my own plans. Iowa City has been a fantastic place to live and I feel so welcomed by everyone here.  I know the whole “Midwestern Hospitality” may be a cliche, but it is real! Everyone is so friendly and caring here as opposed to the big city of Los Angeles.

I have also found some terrific communities to make lasting friendships in.  Through the campus ministry of Salt, basketball managing, and my overall classes, I have created some great bonds with people who share the same interests as me.  Finding my communities here at Iowa have been seamless and you encouraging me to go out and meet people was some great advice.

I can’t wait until you can come out here and freeze to death with me while I show you around Iowa City and all of the exciting things that I am involved in.  I miss you, but am more excited for you to come and see what I am up to. My friends and mentors have truly made this place feel like home (sorry). I have had a fantastic first semester here so far and can’t wait for the second to begin after winter break!  It has gone by too far and I love that you keep reminding me to make the most of it.


I love you and will see you soon!


Dylan Mihalke

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