How to Beat the Winter Blues

As students flood back to campus after a restful time at home, they return to what was an empty Iowa City.  Without students, the city is completely different. No traffic, few pedestrians. Restaurants closing sooner, all are apart of winter break.  Returning from winter break doesn’t only mean the start of classes, but also the start of the coldest times here on campus. Below I have some of my best tips on how to beat the “Winter Blues”.  


1.Don’t complain


While it may be easy to just merely complain and vent to your friends about the weather, it is best not to.  Everyone is dealing with the same conditions, so embracing it is the best piece of advice. The more you talk about the weather and how cold and wet it is, think and realize that you are only making it worse by exacerbating the problem.  


2.Learn to love warm beverages


The best way to combat the cold weather is to drink warm drinks.  Whether that is coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, having a warm beverage in your hand on the walk to class or just after a meal in the dining hall, it can help tremendously in warming you and it is also tasty.


  1. Ride the bus


Most buildings on campus are fairly close to one another and are within reasonable walking distance, so the bus isn’t a necessity for most everyday use.  However, in the midst of the cold weather, the bus can be very clutch. The BONGO App provides live updates on the various routes that go around campus and when they are predicted to arrive at the stop you are at.  Stops are located all throughout campus and the routes touch everywhere around the city as well. Riding the bus is very convenient and can save you from a long walk in the cold.


  1. Get studying done early.


The winter season also means that various viruses are going around campus and in the dorms.  Getting your studying done earlier in the night ensures a long and restful night of sleep, which can do wonders in healing and getting better from a sickness.  Also, getting studying done earlier leads to better comprehension and less stress.


Overall, the winter is a great time in Iowa City.  Classes are starting up, basketball season is in full swing, and the campus is bustling with students.  However, following these tips can hopefully help in ensuring a safe, warm, and ideal start to the semester!

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