Conclusion of my classes

Hi! Welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron!

The weather here is very strange. The sun started to come out and warmed Iowa City for two days and then it was gone again, and the cold took its place. It’s funny how the weather can go complete extremes overnight, like I would understand if one day was a little bit warm and another a little chilly. But what happens is that either it is super warm and everybody can go out to study, play sports, have picnics or even sleep on the outside,(one very good spot is the grass areas in front of the pentacrest), or it’s super cold and people seek shelter on the buildings. I just hope the weather have made his mind for when I come back from summer, so I won’t be caught out of guard. However, this may be true just for me, because It’s very easy for me to feel cold. As an example, I always carry a jacket around campus, even on warm days, because some of my classrooms and lecture halls have their AC on and I feel cold. So it just be me who is worried about cold days because I’m used to warm weathers. Still, it’s never something I can’t stand, I feel uncomfortable on the cold, but I can stand it.

Another thing that is funny is time. For some reason this semester went faster than the others, the feeling I have is that the weeks start on Mondays, is very strange. I think this happened because of the amount of classes I took, (overall, I got 18 semestral hours’ worth of classes), since I always had something to do, time just flew. Also, when I think back two or even one day, it seems that it was a long time ago. The feeling I have is that the beginning of this semester happened at the same time my first semester started. But things started to get a little bit more quiet now that we are approaching the end of classes.

Overall I enjoyed all the classes I took this semester, I have no regrets, I really feel like I learned new and important things on all of them. I usually hear that school is the place you go to be formed as a person and university is the place you go to form your career plan. But I feel like my personality grew this semester and I took a lot of valuable lessons with me. Rhetoric helped me analyze things more deeply and prepare my arguments to express myself. Fiction writing helped me better understand how others think and how they write based on their personalities, it showed me that everyone can write, even if you don’t dedicate your whole life to it. My class about the Beatles helped me explore more the things that I’m interested into and understand how a creative process occurs and how an idea can be developed. My math class prepared me for my next class and helped me understand how to solve problems by using more concepts than memorized formulas. My chemistry class… Well let’s just say that chemistry showed me that the curve can be both your best friend and your worst enemy.

Oh right, now that I mentioned my chemistry classes, I’m glad I’m done with my labs. It’s not that I don’t like them, some were very interesting, is just that I feel like I don’t belong on a chemistry lab, like I’m often lost and have no idea why I’m doing something. I mean, I only understand exactly what I did and why after I’m done with the experiment. II feel that I’m just blindly following instructions, and I can only see what I done after everything is done. Maybe I should have studied more about the labs before going to them. They have this big lab manual available and I can proudly say I read everything on it. Still, I wonder if I could have done a better reading of it, to go to the lab understanding the why behind of what I was doing. I just hope that I can avoid chemistry labs in the future. And papers, I don’t like writing papers either. I don’t think I can, but I will try to avoid classes where I have to do papers.

Well, that’s all I had for today. See you next week!

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