Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Hello and welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron! It has been a while right? I’m sorry I have been very busy with homework and midterms as we were getting close to spring break. Speaking of which, this Spring Break was amazing as I went to Liverpool for an alternative spring break with the university.

On my second semester here I took a class about the Beatles and this semester my professor organized a trip to Liverpool so we could learn more about the place the Beatles came from and how they are seen there now days.

The entire journey lasted for a week; we got there on a Sunday and came back on the next one. Mostly we just visited places related to the Beatles and historical sites of the city. Of everything we have seen, what I enjoyed the most was going to John’s and Paul’s childhood homes. I really like to visit other houses to see how they live. I felt like a house tells a lot about the people living in it. So, to see these two houses and how John and Paul grew up was really a great experience. Apart from the normal touristic places, our professor arranged some meetings with people that could tell us a lot more about the Beatles and their relationship with their home town. One of them being the president and CEO of LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) which is a university that is in the place of the former Liverpool Institute, the school that both Paul and George went.

It was the first time my professor organized this trip. And two weeks from now I will give a five minute presentation with the people that went with me. The presentation is going to be to the students currently taking the Beatles class, so we can share our findings with them and maybe encourage some students that also would like to go, so my professor can find another group to take to Liverpool during another spring break.

I don’t know about you guys, but I always come back from breaks full of energy to give my best in classes and work. However, the Monday after I came back was a little too tough for me to give my best. I arrived on Iowa (Go Hawks!) at midnight, and had to wake up somewhat early for classes. So I had to face an entire day with little sleep, the tiredness of the trip back to Iowa and a jet lag of six hours. Anyway, I managed to survive and I recovered my sleep throughout the week. So, now I’m sure I’m ready to give my best in classes.

One thing that really helped me was that I planned a “homework schedule” for the break. I had some homework due the week after break, so I took a little time every day to take care of this homework and it turned out to be a great idea. I don’t think I would’ve been able to turn in all my homework in time had I not done it on break. I have some friends that didn’t do anything related to school during break and they just rushed with their homework when they got back. Maybe I would normally have been able to do that too, but since I was very tired from the trip I doubt I would have gotten anything done.

One of the things I also enjoy about coming back from breaks is that there’s not so much work to do. So I ended up having some more free time than usual.

That’s all I had for today, I hope you all had a good come back week from break. See you soon!


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