About Me

EnzoHey there! I’m an international student from São Paulo, Brazil. Right now I’m an open major, but I intend to be join the college of engineering, so I can start my way towards a mechanical engineering degree.

What motivates me are my expectations for the future and my anxiety to start studying for life.

I decided to study abroad because everything that I learn in English, I learn better. What I’m trying to say, is that when I receive information in another language, that information stays in my mind for more time than usual. I decided to come to Iowa because of its environment. Everything here is so calm and clean, and there’s a really friendly neighborhood, all that and a great university next to it.

My hobbies include reading, listening and playing to music (I play bass), and drawing. I like a lot of science fiction books, manga (Japanese comic books) and comics. I really don’t have a favorite style of music. I listen to anything, but I do have some preferences. Mostly I listen to The Beatles and I like to play blues. So that’s a little bit of me, I hope you like my blog and enjoy your semester here at the University of Iowa.