Halloween is here!

Hello and welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. I hope everything is going fine for you.

Well, Halloween is almost here and everybody is getting into the spirit. I don’t know about you, but I used to be more excited about Halloween when I was younger. I’m not saying that Halloween isn’t exciting anymore, it still is, but it used to be much more fun when I was a child.

I guess that’s because it was fun to just wear a costume and go around the neighborhood asking for candy. I don’t know how to explain, but I always felt great when I were a costume and getting free candy is also great! After an age, however, we just stop doing that and change our attention to parties. You can still wear a costume and get free candy in parties, but it’s not the same. The spirit of the thing was about walking around in costumes. I wish we could all just wear a costume on October 31st and go to classes like that. I mean, I can, but if I do it alone it’s going to be awkward and embarrassing, we should be promoting this idea so everybody will be customized on Halloween day and doing all their daily duties in costumes.

Halloween also made me notice that we have so much more holidays during fall semester. This is kind of funny, because I felt my spring semester was shorter. Maybe because we are waiting for holidays to come, like Halloween, thanksgiving and Christmas it fells like time passes slower and, on spring break when we don’t have that many holidays we are fully focused on classes and deadlines that time just flies.

I think that’s all I had in my mind, I’ve been really focused on my midterms and papers that I really can’t think of other things to talk about. My classes are going about the same and nothing changed that much. This week I made the schedule for my classes next semester and I was very happy to see that I will probably have no papers to do! But my semester is going to be very busy and I will have a lab, which I’m not exactly the biggest fan. But if everything was easy ther would be no fun in it right?

See you all next time. Have a great week.

The end. (only of the freshman year, there will be more after summer break)

We have reached the last blog of the Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron, spring 2017 series. I hope you all had a great time this semester and that you enjoy your summer.

When the end of the semester arrives, you see two kinds of people, the ones that are celebrating that there are no more classes and the ones that are sad that a class is over. As for myself, I am a little bit of both, depending on the class I’m talking about. For example, I’m more than glad that my chemistry class is over, I really prefer small classrooms classes over lectures and the labs just terrified me. The last attempt that my chemistry class made to try to put my energies down is that they decided my exam is going to be on Monday at 7:30 a.m. I don’t even have classes at 7:30 and I’m afraid my mind won’t be at its finest at an early hour like this. Looking at the bright side, this is going to be the first final of them all, I guess, so I have that going for me.

Apart from chemistry, I felt a little sad with the end of my classes. On math I am sad because the instructor was amazing and I wish he could keep teaching me for all my other future math classes. For Fiction Writing I felt sad because I really enjoyed reading the stories of other students and discussing them. For my Beatles class I felt sad because I really like the Beatles and I wish there was more to learn, but my professor got my spirit up by inviting us to go to Liverpool as an alternative spring break in spring 2018, so I look forward to that.

However, of all my classes the one I felt sad the most by its end, was rhetoric. I admit that I kind of underrated rhetoric at the beginning of this semester because it is an obligatory course, so I had to take this class and I didn’t know why. But this course changed many things about my life, the books we read made me realize many problems that our society is facing that I never realized or never thought of doing something about before. I got to understand that there is always a purpose behind things, like somebody doing anything with a reason behind it, so I started to analyze things I see and read and I became more critical about it. I actually enjoy watching commercials whenever they pop up before my videos begin or on the TV, because now I can “judge” them.

People say that your experience with rhetoric, and your grade, depends on the professor you have. I think that’s kind of true, because the feeling that I have, (based on my experience with this course and from what my friends told me about their classes), is that you can either have an instructor that knows you are there because it is an obligatory course and who only seems to grade you and others that don’t care about why you are there and whose purpose is to teach you all you can. Luckily, I had the second professor, and I learned a lot of important things that for sure changed the course of my life.  She also created the classroom environment that I like: A small classroom where everyone seems to know one another. I also learned some strength and some things I need to improve that I have. I’m glad I had the chance to have the class I registered to.

So, even though I registered to and went to my first class thinking that this class wasn’t going to add up too much in my life, I now realize that this was the most important class I had this semester, and my second favorite one too, (the favorite one being the Beatles class, because unfortunately we don’t have the chance to listen to Beatles songs on Rhetoric). To sum up, if you are a going to be a freshman here at the University of Iowa, I want to say that the Rhetoric course can be very important for your future life, don’t make the mistake I made of not giving importance to the class because it is obligatory, have in mind that you can take an awesome experience out of it. I was fortunate enough to be on a great class, it all depends on how your instructor treats the course. So, if you really look forward to it, I encourage you to choose your Rhetoric class by searching the instructor of the class and seeing if you identify with him/her and how do you think they will guide the course. That being said, I strongly recommend Professor Margaret Murray, be warned that to do well on her class you need to be dedicated to it, and that sometimes it can be hard, but she changed my life and I hope she can do good for you too.

I guess that’s all I had for this semester. Thank you all, and see you after summer.

Conclusion of my classes

Hi! Welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron!

The weather here is very strange. The sun started to come out and warmed Iowa City for two days and then it was gone again, and the cold took its place. It’s funny how the weather can go complete extremes overnight, like I would understand if one day was a little bit warm and another a little chilly. But what happens is that either it is super warm and everybody can go out to study, play sports, have picnics or even sleep on the outside,(one very good spot is the grass areas in front of the pentacrest), or it’s super cold and people seek shelter on the buildings. I just hope the weather have made his mind for when I come back from summer, so I won’t be caught out of guard. However, this may be true just for me, because It’s very easy for me to feel cold. As an example, I always carry a jacket around campus, even on warm days, because some of my classrooms and lecture halls have their AC on and I feel cold. So it just be me who is worried about cold days because I’m used to warm weathers. Still, it’s never something I can’t stand, I feel uncomfortable on the cold, but I can stand it.

Another thing that is funny is time. For some reason this semester went faster than the others, the feeling I have is that the weeks start on Mondays, is very strange. I think this happened because of the amount of classes I took, (overall, I got 18 semestral hours’ worth of classes), since I always had something to do, time just flew. Also, when I think back two or even one day, it seems that it was a long time ago. The feeling I have is that the beginning of this semester happened at the same time my first semester started. But things started to get a little bit more quiet now that we are approaching the end of classes.

Overall I enjoyed all the classes I took this semester, I have no regrets, I really feel like I learned new and important things on all of them. I usually hear that school is the place you go to be formed as a person and university is the place you go to form your career plan. But I feel like my personality grew this semester and I took a lot of valuable lessons with me. Rhetoric helped me analyze things more deeply and prepare my arguments to express myself. Fiction writing helped me better understand how others think and how they write based on their personalities, it showed me that everyone can write, even if you don’t dedicate your whole life to it. My class about the Beatles helped me explore more the things that I’m interested into and understand how a creative process occurs and how an idea can be developed. My math class prepared me for my next class and helped me understand how to solve problems by using more concepts than memorized formulas. My chemistry class… Well let’s just say that chemistry showed me that the curve can be both your best friend and your worst enemy.

Oh right, now that I mentioned my chemistry classes, I’m glad I’m done with my labs. It’s not that I don’t like them, some were very interesting, is just that I feel like I don’t belong on a chemistry lab, like I’m often lost and have no idea why I’m doing something. I mean, I only understand exactly what I did and why after I’m done with the experiment. II feel that I’m just blindly following instructions, and I can only see what I done after everything is done. Maybe I should have studied more about the labs before going to them. They have this big lab manual available and I can proudly say I read everything on it. Still, I wonder if I could have done a better reading of it, to go to the lab understanding the why behind of what I was doing. I just hope that I can avoid chemistry labs in the future. And papers, I don’t like writing papers either. I don’t think I can, but I will try to avoid classes where I have to do papers.

Well, that’s all I had for today. See you next week!

Almost there!

Hello and welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. We are near the end, but there’s still a lot to do.

Although I’m more than ready for summer break, I still need to take care of several things. The first of them being finals, I have three of them, from which two will be at 7:30 a.m. I really don’t know why, I don’t even have classes at 7:30, I hope I will be on good conditions to take these exams. I will have to change my schedule to be well rested and focused for them. Still, even though they are the most important of the obstacles towards summer, they are the last of them, I have other things to worry first.

I will put it on order of how they will come, or at least the order I have to do, submit or give them. First I have a midterm on next Wednesday, for my pre-calculus class, it is supposed to cover few subjects, but I tend to take a lot of time in the problems and time have become one of my biggest enemies on exams. Then, I will have my second and last speech for my rhetoric class. I did good on my last speech, but this one is harder and longer, so I will have to focus more and work hard on it in order to do well. Nevertheless, just like the first one, I’m going to talk about something that I really like, so it should be more fun to work on it than any other assignment just because of my engagement with the topic.  Finally, I have to submit a final project for my fiction writing class, which I hope I will be able to do fairly fast, and hopefully I will have a good time doing it too.

Now, those are all academic related. One last thing that I need to take care of is moving my stuff out of my room, because I will be on a different room next semester. I can’t take everything back home, unfortunately, so I rented a storage room with a friend on Coralville, our neighbors. I will have to move my stuff there and this can be a little bit of an annoyance, but still is something I have to do.

However, those are all thing to come, we can still talk about what happened this week. On Tuesday I got the news that I did great on my job interview and I got an offer to work as a student lead on Hillcrest dining hall, which I accepted. I think is good to know that your work have been recognized and so you are promoted to a higher position, I really look forward to it. Wednesday I register for classes, I only had trouble with the creativity class, because all seats were reserved, so I found a good substitute for it, introduction to philosophy, I look forward to that. On Thursday I had a Midterm for my chemistry class, and I think I did fairly good on it, I just have to wait for the official results, since it’s a curved class, to be sure. Also on Thursday, I went to the spring sale the Hawk Shop is making, I found great deals to buy a gift for my grandparents and a sweatshirt for myself, so yes! I finally brought a UI sweatshirt, but the size betrayed me, when I tried it on, it was too big, so I guess I will only be using it indoor.

Well, I guess that’s all, apart from everything I have to do things are going pretty fine, I hope you all are having a good week too. See you next week!

What changes?

Hello and welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. I hope you are all doing fine.

Well, nothing much happened this week and everything is pretty normal. I have classes every day and papers all weekend. Also, I’m reading more this semester than I used too. The only thing that is bad about it, is that even though I’m reading more, the pace of which I read the pages are the same. I think I read very slowly, (I take about three minutes per page), I could really save more time if I read faster. Well, let’s just hope that this is something that I will develop with time.

Even though I’m kind of busy all the time because I’m taking 18 semester hours of classes, I will take the same amount next semester. Still, I hope that my classes will be calmer. I mean, with less homework, or at least with fewer papers. I really don’t like writing papers. Last semester I was lucky enough to not have to write any papers for any of my classes. I hope this happens again. Oh, talking about next semester, a great opportunity appeared.

Hillcrest Marketplace, the dining hall where I work, opened applications for student leads, which is a kind of sub-manager. I applied and this week they told me I got an interview. I really look forward to that, but I’m also very scared, because I never had a job interview before. I think I can stay calm in nervous situations, and I hope I will do well. I really want the job, and if I get the job, I will start next semester.  It’s funny how some things that change between semesters we can control, like the courses I will take and my “new” job, and others simply occur throughout the semester without us barely noticing.

For example, last semester I used to go with my friend to the mall on Coralville every Saturday. That was the “Saturday tradition” that semester. But this semester I have only been there a couple of times, I think. What became my “Saturday tradition” is going to the movies at Film Scene, a non-profit movie theater, that has a partnership with Bijou and offers this program called “Bijou late hours” on which they show a movie every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. free for students. The movies they show are pretty good too, this Saturday they will play Donnie Darko. Also, they always give away prizes before the movie begins, I have won two DVDs there. I really recommend it for anyone. I wonder if this will be my tradition next semester too or if I will find something else. One place that I always wanted to go in is the “Forbidden Planet”, a pizza place with arcades, but I really haven’t had the time yet.

Well, that’s all I have for today. See you next week.

Back for the break

Hello! Welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. I hope you all had a good spring break. Here’s what I did on mine:

From Saturday to Monday I spent the entire day working on the first draft of my final project for my fiction writing class. I managed to write 18 pages, and it turned out to be a project of bigger dimension that I will probably continue to work on in the future. I also did some other homework, like a speech for my rhetoric class. I organized everything I wanted to say and practiced it a lot. Then, on Wednesday, I went to Chicago with some friends.

We left in the afternoon and had dinner at “the famous World’s Largest Truck Stop” on I-80. I called it famous because I always pass it while coming or leaving the University of Iowa, and I could only wonder what it was like. From the inside it doesn’t seem that big, I’ve been to bigger stops on other travels. Still, they weren’t truck stops. The place looked like a small shopping food court, with some stores selling clothes, DVDs, and CDs. They even have a truck museum there. But I expected nothing less from the country with the most museums in the world (I guess, I remember I heard it somewhere).

Speaking of museums, I went to two of them in Chicago. The Chicago Art Institute and the Field Museum. The Art Institute was my favorite. I got to see a lot of cool paintings that made me think a lot. Also, the way they were put together seemed like they were “talking to each other” like they were seeing one another and reacting to them. Then I moved to a photograph exhibition named “Provoke”, I didn’t get into many details of what it was about, but as far as I know they all were taken during a period of revolution in japan. They were amazing and I liked them a lot. I ended my visit with the miniature rooms exhibition, which consisted of miniatures of historical rooms from the past centuries. It was also very cool. That’s all I could see in one day, I guess I would’ve needed at least one more to see the entire museum.

The Field Museum was nice and everything, but it wasn’t really my thing. I liked an exhibition they had there about ancient Egypt and about dinosaurs, with their fossils. Still, they were very quick and I really had no interest in the other things there. Fortunately, two of my friends were feeling the same, so we separated from the other two and went to the center of the town to walk around and see some things.

On the last day we spent all our time in the city, walking the streets and seeing the most famous places. The next morning we came back to Iowa and I took care of the rest of my homework and practiced more on my speech. Overall I had a great break, but it made me very tired. I felt like taking a break from the break. The come-back week has been fairly good, very calm and quiet. But I already have two Midterms next week, so I have to prepare myself for that.

I think this was all for today. Thank you and see you next week.

Spring break

Hello, and welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. Spring break is here! I can’t believe we are already done with half of the semester. I think I have so many things to do that time just fly by for me. But now I got time to relax! Well, not really, I have to work on my final project for my fiction writing class and prepare a speech.Still, I have plenty of time to do those during the break, and I also think I will have a good time doing them. 

Speaking of work I need to do, I received back both papers that I was super worried about this week. Incredibly my score on both of them were the same 83% which is a B. I’m very happy with them, I expected to have a much lower grade. You see, when I am waiting to get my paper back, I think a lot about it, and eventually realize stuff that I could have included and stuff I could have excluded from it. I may be happy with my grade, but I’m still not that satisfied with my papers. For the next ones, I will put much more effort to make them better. 

I heard a lot of people had several midterms this week. Everyone I know had at least one. I was lucky to have only one, for my chemistry class. So everybody seemed like the “end was near”, studying very hard and doing nothing else, and the feeling was that if you were done with midterms you were done with the week. My midterm was on Thursday and on Friday I had no lecture for the same class. I only got out of bed for my daily(except for Thursdays and weekends), 8:30 Math class. Oh also, I will use some of this time to solve some things for summer break, like when I will leave and come back, where will I store all my stuff, (since I can’t take everything back home), and stuff like that. 

My plans for spring break also include going to Chicago with 5 other friends. We are going by car and we will stay on my roommate’s house, he lives on a suburb there. So I think it will be fun. We leave on Wednesday, at afternoon, and come back Sunday morning. I’m very excited to visit the city, I just hope that it isn’t very cold during our stay there.  

What else can I say, my weeks tend to be always the same, not so many different things happen during it. This week was as quiet as my last one, I didn’t have many assignments and homework to turn in, so I spent most of my free time studying for the midterm I had. I kind of feel bad for not writing that much, so I will leave two pictures today. I know is not much but it’s what I have for today, you will have to forgive me. Unless you want to read about Chemistry, in that case we have plenty to talk about. No? Are you sure? Well ok, I tried. 

See you next week folks! 

I’m late again. But wait! there is more this time!

Welcome Back to ΣΝΖΦ. I won’t even bother to apologize this time because I think it will become a common thing for me to get delayed. So I will really only write for the blog when I have free time. This week I had some free time because I didn’t have Math homework, courtesy of the Midterm for this class that was this week too.

At least all my efforts are being worth, I had only good grades until now. Even on my Beatles class Midterm, I that I thought I had done horrible because I forgot some of the names of important people. I’m really very bad with names. Is not that I don’t care about the person, is just that I’m very bad at memorizing at all. If I can make the thing I’m trying to memorize have some sense, it should be ok for me to record it. But names are very hard to give a meaning. Luckily I learned a great technique for memorizing peoples name at my rhetoric class. On one of our first classes our professor made us stand on a circle and we had to say a characteristic that begin with the same first letter of our name. Also we had to repeat the name and characteristic of the people that spoke before us. So, in short, when I meet someone new now, I create an adjective for him/her on my mind.

Now that we are speaking about rhetoric, I think it is important to share my experience with this class, because it’s one of the hardest classes I have and is mandatory for all new first year students. Well, some students already took rhetoric on high school, like most of my friends, so they are pretty comfortable about it. Still, you can find people like me, who didn’t even knew the meaning of rhetoric when I went to my first class. It is the class I did more work so far, not because it is difficult. But because I have to do things I never did before, like these things that professors and students call “papers”. I had never written a paper before in my life. I wrote essays yes, but nothing with the format of a paper, with all its formats exigencies and citation quotes formats. Nevertheless it is a work I’m happy I did. I mean, I recognize its importance and I’m happy I did it. Obviously my paper is full of mistakes, but I’m glad I made them, (as long as they don’t interfere too much with my good grades), because that way I will learn better, which is my main purpose here.

You see, whenever I get an exam back the first thing I do is to go over my mistakes. Usually I find mistakes that I did by distraction. One time I was in a rush and calculated that 5 times 6 was 36, you can imagine my reaction when I saw that after receiving my grade back. Still, sometimes I do find problems that I got wrong because I did a horrible mistake and, when I do, I fell very happy. I guess those are two of many of my guilty pleasures: Understanding the subject being discussed on class, and being able to detect my mistake and learn how to correct it.

I think that’s all I had for today, But I still feel guilty for not being able to post on the blog, and because of that I will put a bonus today, one beginning of a short story I had to write for my Fiction writing class. I hope you enjoy. See you next wee… Whenever am able.

(the story have no name, I’m sorry)

Julia finally took a seat on the kitchen table after preparing breakfast for her daughter and husband. She stared at the empty chair on the other end of the table while playing with her hair. With the other hand, she grabbed her piece of bread with butter and started to eat. They are quite late tod… She was thinking before Tom appeared on the room. “Good morning my darling,” he would usually say. “The food smells good”. But nothing came out of his mouth. He sat on the chair next to her and opened the newspaper, protecting himself behind it. Julia wanted to see the face of her husband and not the picture of a “missing child” on a page of the Chicago Tribune. She waited. Is he not going to say anything?

“How are you darling?” She finally said.

“Good, good” He answered.

“Did something awful happen on today’s news, for you to be so quiet?”

“Not on the news, no” Tom said while closing the paper.

He smiled at her. But something was different on his smile; He smiled like one of Julia’s student’s about to receive a grade when they weren’t sure whether it would be an A or an F. Usually it was a F. She took her cup and noticed she forgot the coffee. “Oh silly me, I forgot the coffee, I will make some more”. Julia said.

“No no no, sit my darling, I will make the coffee”. Tom said.

He put his hand on her shoulder, forcing her to sit down. He got up and started to make the coffee. Julia was amused by how her husband seemed quite unworried about his job this morning; he never had time to do anything before going to work.

All her thoughts went away when she saw a portion of a piece of paper coming out her husband’s pocket. Was it an envelope? Tom came back to the table. “It will take about five minutes for the water to boil”. He said. The same smile was on his face, but that’s not what was concerning her anymore. When Tom mentioned time, Julia looked at the clock and realized that her daughter was late. “Christine!” She shouted. “You are going to be late for school”. Silence was here response. The same silence that had been filling the house the entire morning, silence that was a new guest on the house.

“If she’s not awake by the time the bus arrives,” She said. “I’m not driving her to school”. Tom’s smile vanished from his face when she spoke her daughter’s name. So he got a F, Julia thought. She knew something was different, something was wrong. “What’s the matter?” she said. Tom looked at the table; he got up to finish the coffee. But before doing anything he took the letter out of his pocket, weld back a tear and put the envelope in front of her.


Changes II

Hello and welcome back to the late Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. I’m mostly sorry for my delay, but this time I had not only a lot of homework but I also had to study for a chemistry exam I had on Thursday night. I finally found some time to write and so here I am. 

To start today I would like to give you some advice. Taking 12 semester hours is ok, 15 is nice, but 18 is for hard working people. So keep that in mind when you decide the amount of classes you are going to take. I think 18 credits worth of classes would be ok for me, since I’m not the lazy type and am used to working hard, but alongside with my classes I’m working for 15 weekly hours, so it kind of became a considerable amount of things to do, which is keeping me busy and a little tired most of the time. Because of that I don’t think I will be able to write my blog on the same day of the week as I was originally doing. But I promise I will try to keep it weekly. 

Some people say that “there are no limits for men”. Well I guess they should correct the phrase for “Men know no limits”. It is obvious that everyone have their own limits, but being the wise decision maker I am, I decided to join two clubs. Yes I know, now I have even more things to do, but here goes some more advice: everybody needs a break, so try to find a club or a hobby so you can relax and express yourself. You should always give yourself a safe amount of rest.  

Well let’s talk about the two clubs I’m on. The first is the ESL RPG club, which I was already on last semester, but we are still playing the same game and there will be new players so I am excited for that. The Other is the EPX Studio, a club to meet people that are creating either a video game or an animation. They are cool and they also have pizza and soda very meeting. Still, I really don’t know anything about programming a game, so I went there expecting to learn more about it. However, everyone was already on a project and trying to make some progress on their work. I’m not sure anybody will be able to teach me, so I might give up on this club. 

That’s kind of hard for me to do, because I hardly give up on things, I always stay until the very end of it. I think I’m changing and learning to do some concessions. Another thing that I think I will change is my job. I’m currently working at Hillcrest marketplace. I like there and other workers there are very cool. But my friend gave me this great idea of becoming a tutor. That Idea struck me because I noticed that a lot of students search for math and chemistry tutors, and I have the requirements to become one,( a grade greater than B on the class you want to tutor and a GPA of 3.8 or more). So I decided that next semester, if I do well in my chemistry class, I will leave my current job and apply to become a chemistry tutor. 

Now that we are talking about changes I want to say something I noticed. In my first semester, I changed as a student. You see, I never gave that much importance to my grades in school, I always learned only enough to pass. If the minimum GPA of my school was 2.4, I would get 2.5. Not that I was a bad student or something like that, I just wasn’t interested in what I was learning at all. But here this changed, maybe because the structure is very different. Back in my high school you never decided what course you wanted to do. All years were the same courses: Math, Portuguese, Geography, History, Literature, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English, Sociology. But here I really got to choose what I wanted, that made my interest grow, and I became a better student. I was very happy with my grades and I have the feeling that I actually learned a lot in my classes. I still don’t know if this second semester is going to change me. Until now I can only predict I will get more responsible because of all the classes and work I have to manage. But only time will tell what it will be. 

That’s all I had for today folks. I hope you are all doing great and see you next week.  

As Yusuke Urameshi, a character from a anime I would watch always said: “I did not met the other world for nothing”.


2 weeks later

Hello fellas, welcome back to Sigma Nu Zeta Omicron. This week I will have to start with some apologies.

I’m so sorry but my weeks have been very busy, I’m doing 18.s.h worth of classes and working 15 hours a week. The amount of homework and readings I have to do don’t help me with my situation either. Still, I joined this club called EPX Studio, but we will get to that later. Because of all that, I was unable to write my blog on the last week. I hope that will never happen again. But if it does, I will have to remind you that I’m still trapped on my human form, so I can’t be perfect.

Despite all the rush I had on my week, it was still fairly good. I got done with my homework and still had some fun. The only negative thing on this week was that I got a little bit sick on Thursday, and had to rest for a time, which conflicted with what I had planned for my week, but by Saturday I got a little better.

Since I missed the last post I haven’t got the chance to say how my classes were. Well, beginning with math, it is a cool class, it’s been easy until now and my only complaint its the weekly quizzes every Friday, but the questions are similar to the ones on the homework, so it’s not that bad. Moving to Chemistry, this class is very similar to the one I had last year, but now we have lab classes, and some more specific subjects. The professor on the lectures is still the same. Then we have Rhetoric, it turns out that my section is more related to science and engineering majors. I didn’t knew that when I registered for classes, I chose the class because of the time. Yet, this is no problem, since I want to have a Mechanical Engineering major. The class is very fun, and our professor made sure that we got to know each other in the class and interact with them, which is nice. Now we have “Fiction Writing”, this class is very good too, we basically read some short stories and the professor reflects with us on them and help us understand why it is good. Finally we have “The world of The Beatles” class. So far it’s been a history class about the Beatles and we got the chance to listen to some cool songs from some bands that inspired them. Also, that is the notebook I have with most pages filled.

This weekend was pretty funny though. It started on Friday, when I went to this EPX Studio club meeting, after getting an e-mail from them inviting me to go check them out. They are basically a larger group with consist of small groups working on game or animation projects, and every Friday they meet to share with  each other how their project is going. There I got the chance to meet this group of people working on a game based on a short story. I said I could help giving some Ideas for the story and other creative parts and they accepted me. So now I have one more thing to work on.

On Saturday I went to a jazz concert with some friends on VOX, the music building. The show was great and they even played a cover of a Beatles song that I like, but the best song they played was an original composition they played. After the show we went to the IMU to watch a horror movie called “Ouija, the origin of evil”. It was a very good movie, it really surprised me. I strongly recommend it. My Sunday was pretty normal; I went to church, did some homework and chilled with my friends on my floor.

I guess that’s all. Thank you and let’s hope I can make it next week too. See you.