Finals Week and Chilly Weather

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First off, yes, I am aware that I haven’t written a post in two months. My last post was ironically called “The Procrastination Bug” — looks like I’ve been bitten again…

Finals Week and the weeks leading up to it are super stressful. I was fortunate enough to only have two finals this semester, but I felt the pressure, too. I personally started studying a little bit late for finals and then freaked out once I realized that I still had a ton of material to review. I’ve discovered that a week is a good amount of time to study for a midterm, but it’s nowhere near enough time to study a semester’s-worth of material for multiple classes. The light at the end of the tunnel is the fact that once finals are over, students get a whole month off for winter break! I’m definitely enjoying my time off and really like the fact that I’m able to stay inside most of the day and not have to venture out into the cold. This brings me to my next point: Iowa weather. I’m from the Midwest, but I was shocked by how extreme the weather was this December. There were several days where the temperature started off below zero and didn’t get much warmer than that. It snowed a few times, too. It is VERY important to dress appropriately and stock up on plenty of cold-weather gear. Gloves, scarves, hats, boots, and a warm coat are the obvious things, but I’d also recommend thermal leggings to wear as an extra layer under pants – they really do help.

Here’s a bonus tip: a lot more people choose to ride the buses when it gets colder, so if you value personal space and want to for-sure get to class on time, take an earlier bus or brave the cold and walk.