Meet Our Bloggers


Junior Journalism student from Missouri Valley, Iowa. Details: He’s looking forward to exploring Iowa’s beautiful campus.


Sophomore open major, originally from Medellín, Colombia, but moved to California when she was 9 years old. Details: She speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English and decided to come to the University of Iowa due to its beautiful campus and outstanding writing program.


Sophomore double-majoring in Sports Management and Journalism from Los Angeles, California. Details: He is a huge Hawkeye fan, and one of the basketball managers here at Iowa.


Senior majoring in Sport and Recreation Management and Journalism from Central City, Iowa. Details: She is currently working as a student videographer for the Iowa Hawkeyes football team, and wants to volunteer and get more involved in a lot of student organizations and other activities.


Sophomore double-majoring in English & Creative Writing and Dance from Sarawak, Malaysia. Details: She loves to write stories and leave all her emotions on the dance floor.


First-year open major with a fashion interest. From Poplar Grove, Illinois. Ava is excited to participate in Dance Marathon this upcoming year.


First-year open-major. From Jefferson City, Missouri. She is named after Maya Angelou and met her when she was six.


First year student studying nursing. From Keokuk, Iowa. Strong interest in music and hopes to find student organizations on campus that will allow her to expand on that.


First-year student studying finance. From Chicago, Illinois. Excited to get involved in the community.


First year student studying journalism and mass communication. From Appleton,  Wisconsin. Fell in love with Iowa City because of the small town feel and countless opportunities.