6 Places to Eat Around Campus

While food shouldn’t make or break your college decision, it doesn’t hurt to have some really great options on or around campus. Personally, I eat at the same places over and over again, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

So these are my six favorite places (in no particular order) to eat on or around the University of Iowa campus.

Short’s Burger & Shine

Short’s was my go-to when I was in Iowa City over winter break for football practices. I always get the Dickinson, which is a grilled chicken sandwich with bacon, provolone, and chipotle mayonnaise. It has a really great atmosphere and it’s right across from the Pentacrest.


My roommate’s and I always go to Estela’s on Tuesdays between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. because they have a $1 taco deal. They also have a $6 deal on Fridays for a burrito and chips and queso. It’s right next to the Graduate, which isn’t too far from campus.

Street Hawk Food Truck

I eat at the Street Hawk Food Truck every Monday and Wednesday for lunch. As usual, I get the same thing every time I eat there: BBQ bacon cheeseburger, fried chips, a cookie, and a Sprite. It’s my favorite place to eat on campus by far.


While the queso is the main reason I go to Pancheros all the time, I always get a chicken quesadilla too. Most of the time, they have really good customer service. One time I went there and the chicken wasn’t going to be ready for 20 minutes, so they gave me three chips and queso coupons plus the food I ordered that day for free. And there’s one right across from the Pentacrest, so it’s really easy to stop there between classes.

Blaze Pizza

I haven’t gone to Blaze Pizza in a while, but I used to eat there all the time. I think I ate there at least three times during the week of Thanksgiving break. I always get a BBQ chicken pizza.


I’ve only gone to Freddy’s once since it opened downtown, but it was really good. I ordered fries, cheese curds, and a peanut butter and chocolate shake. I automatically love any place that has cheese curds on its menu.


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