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On my first campus visit at the University of Iowa I was overwhelmed by the 500+ student organizations offered here. I had no idea how I would narrow down my options and choose the right ones for me. Sometime during my second week here I attended the Student Organization Fair, which is where a good amount of organizations set up a booth and basically tell you what they’re all about. You can talk one-on-one with a representative, but don’t worry – it’s super laid back. I literally went in between classes wearing athletic shorts and an oversized tshirt. It’s a great way to get information on organizations you’ve heard about and even discover new ones! After a few days I made up my mind and set up a steady routine. Here are some things I’m involved with here at Iowa:

  • Dance Marathon

This is a student organization created to raise money for oncology patients being treated at the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. Each month leading up to February, there are various events that students can attend to raise money for their “ticket” to the big event. Basically, I have to raise $500 before February to attend the 24-hour dance party! All of the money goes directly to the hospital and helps hundreds of families with medical expenses. It’s the largest student organization here at the University because who doesn’t want to be part of a club that raises money for little kids?


  • Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

I am blessed and proud to say I received a bid from my sisters at Zeta Tau Alpha this fall during recruitment! Greek life is a great way to get involved both on campus and the local community. There are various leadership and volunteering opportunities offered in each chapter. Sororities and fraternities here have high scholarship expectations, so each house requires a maintained GPA, which is a great way to keep one on track! It’s also a good way to meet tons of people and start forming lifelong friendships.


  • Iowa Student Psychology Association

This club allows me to make connections with professionals in the psychology field, connect with peers that have similar majors, and allows me to learn more about the field I’ll someday be in! It’s a great key to guide me through my next three years. This club helps their individuals customize their schedules and stay on track for their major. Whatever major one is in, there should be similar clubs to this one! I would encourage individuals to join at least one student organization involving their major – it’s a great form of resource.


  • Pike Fraternity Intramural Soccer

I played soccer in high school and during my last game there I honestly thought that that would be the last time I play a real game of soccer – boy was I wrong. I got asked to join a co-ed intramural soccer team with some guys in the Pike fraternity and I couldn’t reject their offer. They promised it would be laid back and fun. Although it is fun, they’re really intense. Every intramural sport has “levels”. There are teams that are just playing for fun and then there’s other teams that are literally out for blood. I was lucky (lol “lucky”) to be put in a competitive team so it’s definitely hard work, but overall I really enjoy the company there and am happy I’m staying active!


There are a few other things I’m involved with outside of student organizations such as the Iowa Admissions Blogging Team, and I recently applied for a job at the Java House Coffee Shop! It may seem like a lot, but once you find a steady balance it’s easy to handle.

If you’re looking into joining clubs or becoming involved on campus click on one of the two links below! They’re easy websites that break down each student organization so you can read a little what they’re all about. Even if it’s just one club – join! It’s a great way to make friends, meet professionals, and make the most out of your time here at the U. 🙂

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