Christmas Wishlist

As I made my Christmas wish-list for this year, I realized how much I have truly… adulted? I would typically ask for whatever was trending, an electronic I wouldn’t really use but so desperately wanted, or extra clothes. This year, however, I decided to ask for things that I really just, well, need. Coming to a college five and a half hours away from home made me realize that I can’t just hop into a car, ask my parents for what I needed and come back. I really just had to depend on myself.

Here are a few ideas that I threw on my wish-list this year that you could possibly ask for too if you’re thinking of heading here next semester/year. PS: this list leans more towards girls but dudes, don’t be afraid to ask for these things as well – they’re useful trust me.

Redbubble Giftcards

It’s pretty common to deck out your laptop in stickers that describe what you’re involved/believe in etc. It’s a way to express yourself  and the good part is that nobody can say anything. Even better – nobody will say anything. Each laptop is unique to the owner. It’s fun to decorate your stuff and kind of “show off” what you’re all about. Stickers


If you’re planning on taking any chemistry class just bring these. Trust me.

Sephora Masks

Water Bottles

With Iowa being a spread out campus, you’re constantly walking around. Typically, it’ll take you about five to seven minutes to walk from class to class if they’re near each other. While you’re walking you’re fine, but as soon as you arrive you realize how hot or out of breath you are. My personal favorite is the HydroFlask. It’ll keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 6.

Hydroflask Bottles


These kind of tie in with the water bottles. Since you’re constantly on the go then popping in headphones for those walks isn’t a bad idea. I also have to use headphones when I do homework so I can zone in and avoid distractions. I would also recommend brining more than one pair, because if you lose a pair it’s pretty much game over.

wireless Beats are on top of my list this year, check them out and browse for some 🙂


For those 8:30 am classes. Personally, I don’t have any of those since I knew right off the bat I wasn’t a morning person. But for my friends who do, they say that hats literally save lives here. 10/10 recommend. Even though I don’t have those early morning classes, I still find myself wearing hats at least two times a week since it’s just one less thing to worry about in the morning.

HawkShop Hats

Coffee Cards

If you’re like me, you can’t study in the main library. Isnt that weird? I always head over to a coffee shop to do all my homework and studying. I love the vibes I get from Iowa City coffee shops. It makes doing homework a tad bit enjoyable. It’s also just polite to order a drink since you are going to be taking up a spot in the shop and using the free wifi. However, I realized I was WAY too broke to afford studying there on my own everyday so I highly recommend asking for gift cards. I felt bad for asking my parents for “coffee shop” money but that’s seriously the only place I can focus. (I’m sitting at Java as I write this blog post).


Iowa weather is unpredictable (as we all know). A few weeks ago I would dread going outside because it was freezing, and now here I am getting by with a sweatshirt again on December 1. Having a parka makes those walks around campus so much better. These are pricey, but they’re that type of Christmas present that parents won’t complain about.

NorthFace, LuLuLemon, and Hollister are a few of my favorite Parka options!

Candles/Wax Warmers

OK so you’re not really supposed to bring candles into your dorm because it’s a fire hazard (whoops) but I still brought one from home. I figured that as long as I’m in the room while it’s on it shouldn’t be a big deal. If you don’t wanna risk it though an alternative would be a wax warmer/melt. Living in a residence hall, you’re constantly around other people coming in and out, and the air gets pretty mucky. Having your room smell good beats the icky hall smells. It also makes your room feel more cozy.

Bath & Body works Candles

Whatever may end up on your wish-list this year, I hope this post helped bring some insight on things you could ask for. I’m also hoping to slip in an one or two extra posts this month since #ChristmasBreak.

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