The Person You Become

That’s a wrap – first semester is officially over! As I look back at the last four months a sense of nostalgia sweeps over me. I made a lot of really good memories that will honestly last me a lifetime. Everyone says college changes you. . . but does it really? Then I think of the person I was at the beginning of the semester versus the person I am today. And honestly, I can see some changes but I still am the same Lizbeth everyone knows me as.

When I moved to Iowa City back in August I was convinced that I would become a new person. I was relieved that I had an opportunity to start fresh. I had a clean slate, and I was ready to mold into the person I thought I was supposed to become in college. I let the new adventure take its course and figured that it would change me into the new person I was “supposed” to become on its own. Instead, I realized I was in charge of the person that I wanted to be. I was in control of the person I’d mold into. 

With every learning experience, I learned more about who I am as a person rather than changing who I am as a person. Once I realized what was happening, I felt a sense of relief. I wasn’t changing, I was still Lizbeth. Instead, I was growing.

So if you’re anxious about that old saying, “college changes you” – don’t be. You got this, you’re in control. Ultimately, the environment change into the hectic college lifestyle only provides new experiences and opportunities for you. It does not force you to change who you are as a person. It’s not like high school, you don’t have to try to fit in.

Now curious, I asked my close friends when I got home for Christmas break if I had “changed” from who I was this summer. To my surprise, everybody said I was the same person they knew me as. There were only a few slight differences that they noticed. When I asked how I had changed, they said that I was in more control of my emotions, laughed more, and was a calmer person as a whole. Ultimately, I was the same person with new experiences in my pocket.

So remember these little pieces of advice, (solely based on my experiences)

  1. the people who truly want to stay in your life will put in the effort. . . do not let college be an excuse for anything
  2. you remain the same person you are. . . you just grow so do not let the fear of changing hold you back
  3. the amount of learning experiences you have the first few months are insane, so buckle up

One semester down, seven to go!

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