Hawkeye Experiences

As a Hawkeye, I can promise that you’ll have at least one (or all) of the following experiences happen to you at some point. They’re kind of, basically, unavoidable.

Losing Your Dignity After Chasing A Cambus

I never used the bus system during first semester. I loved being able to clear my head by walking to classes, and the most time it’d take me was 20 minutes. Now, with the snow and below freezing temperatures, I’m kind of forced to use the Cambus. I have an app called Bongo (a must have) to check when the buses are running. It’s a pain though because at times it’ll say it’s 10 minutes away and a few seconds later it’ll be 3 minutes away.

Another annoyance about the Cambus is that they fill up quickly, especially during the winter months. I’ve only not gotten on a bus once due to it being so full but it happens to a lot of people. You just have to constantly check and leave earlier than expected to avoid it all. Either that or be late to class – your call.

Getting Attacked With Flyers in the T. Anne Cleary Walkway

There is always something going on in the walkway, and the best advice I can give is to put headphones in and keep walking. Most of the time they just want to hand you a flyer about their organization, or have you buy whatever they’re selling. It’s usually just a small snack or drink for $5 but I usually don’t have the time or money to stop.

Constant Emails About Different Student Organizations

As an avid email checker, this annoys me. As soon as I see a new notification for an email, I go check to see if it’s anything important but 90% of the time it’s just another mass email sent to every student on campus about a different organization. Although I have joined one or two due to emails, most of the time they don’t really interest me.

Missing the Dining Hall Hours

If I have a lot of homework or lose track of time as I study for a big exam, I often times forget to eat and by the time I realize it, it’s too late. Although the dining hall hours aren’t complicated, they are hard to keep track of. Another thing that sucks about the dining halls are waiting for them to open. Sundays are usually the hardest since they open later but close earlier.

If you’re anything like me and can’t seem to adjust your schedule to the dining hall, there are always Flex Meals available – and you can get those at any time you like.

Being Asked What Sorority/Fraternity You’re Part of

Greek life isn’t everything here at Iowa, but it is a big part. As you introduce yourself to people a lot of them have the tendency to ask what sorority or fraternity you’re in. At the beginning I got so annoyed with that question that I’d low-key carry something on that had my Greek letters on it so hopefully they’d notice before they asked. But 9/10 times, nobody really cares if you are or aren’t part of Greek life, and will continue talking to you anyways! So if you choose not to be part of it, do not worry.

Choosing “The Seat” On Your First Day of Class

In high school, you were kind of just used to having an assigned seat given by your teacher. In the back of your head you’d always say you’d sit somewhere different each day if you could. Wrong. In college the seat you sit in the first day or two is basically your assigned seat for the rest of the semester. That’s why choosing the right place to sit is crucial (no – I’m not exaggerating I promise). For me, it’s all about sitting next to someone I can see myself becoming really good friends with. That way, I’ll always have someone to talk to during that class and feel comfortable. In some of my harder classes, however, I usually sit by someone who looks like they’re really passionate about the topic since they’re low-key an unwritten tutor.

In College Algebra, I sat next to a girl who looked really nice and she became one of my best friends here at Iowa. We’re actually living together next year in our Villa! So thanks to the worst class ever for giving me my best friend ever.  Love you Holly.


As my freshman year comes to an end, I can’t wait to keep writing about my experiences and any advice I can dish out. Xoxo.

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