Becoming a Hawkeye

When asked the question, “What made you decide to be a Hawkeye” I can’t help but laugh. Let me tell you a little story. . .

I didn’t want to be a Hawkeye. All throughout high school, I was set on three other schools and was confident that I’d end up in one of the three. Iowa was never a choice, it wasn’t even a consideration if I’m being completely honest. Then life happened, and I committed to Iowa the last month of my high school career. It was sudden, out-of-the-blue, and a shock to everyone.

I dreamed of being a Gopher at the University of Minnesota, a Cyclone at Iowa State University (I know, I know – yuck) or a Bison at the University of Colorado Boulder. For these options I was either following a risky dream, a person, or just simply wanted to get away from this area.

In the end, the choice that made the most sense for me was Iowa. A school I never considered was what ultimately would be the best decision for Lizbeth. It was a perfect combination of everything I was looking for: very few people from my high school, far away from home but close enough to visit, a competitive psychology/counseling program, a D1 sized-school, and in-state tuition. Although I never thought it was the school for me, my dad made me open my eyes and realize it was. All I needed was a little push.

Now that I’m here, my heart fills with joy knowing that I’m able to say I’m a Hawkeye! It’s a school that has brought me so much. So many opportunities, so many great people, so many memories, and so much joy.

Reflecting back on it, I know I would’ve never gotten half the things, opportunities, or people had I not come to Iowa. To this day, I couldn’t imagine my life any differently.

So when asked, “What made you decided to be a Hawkeye?” I can honestly say I don’t have an answer, but now that I’m here, I can’t imagine not being a Hawkeye.

My advice to anyone stuck between colleges or lost on where to choose: BE SO VERY OPEN. I know you probably hear that a lot, but there’s so much truth behind it. Even take into consideration the colleges that you discarded before even giving them a chance. Don’t make the mistake of throwing an option out simply due to pre-existing opinions. Be open, look everywhere, and take in all your options. In the end, do what’s best for YOU.

Xoxo, Lizbeth

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