My Christmas Wishlist as a College Sophomore!

The holiday season is right in front of us which means the last few days of classes, finals, and eventually break! It’s so close yet so far away. As I take study breaks I started composing my Christmas wishlist, and I hope to bring some ideas if you’re stuck on what to ask Santa for this year!


Last year I asked for wireless Beats and I use them whenever I study or just relax in my room. However, I don’t like wearing them when I walk around campus or workout. I love the fact that they’re wireless, and this year the very top thing on my list is a smaller version of my wireless Beats – the Power Beats. They’re small, wireless, and super cute. They would come in handy so often, that at this point I consider it a need more than a want.


Laptop Bag / Case

Iowa weather is wildly unpredictable. The worst thing that 99% of college students experience is wet materials/notebooks/books after walking through the rain. Granted most backpacks are zipped, they still get the somewhat wet. A good laptop bag/case is high on my list since I can’t afford my laptop getting damaged due to rain. A brand I can always rely on for electronic protection is THULE.



When the weather is being nice, however, nothing is better than relaxing or studying in a hammock on the Pentacrest. It’s also a fun activity you can do with multiple friends, so even if it’s just you who has one, three can enjoy sitting outside! A brand I love is ENO.

Nike Free’s

Living off of campus means walking. . . a lot. To me, nothing is worse than having bad shoes that makes you more tired! A shoe brand I love is NIKE, and I know I can always be comfortable in their shoes. The current pair I have my eyes on are the Nike Free’s. They’re extremely light so it’ll feel as if I have nothing on.


This is definitely a want more than a need, which is why it’s the very last thing on my wish list. 23AndMe is a DNA genetic testing kit that gives you a full report on both your ancestry, traits, and health. One of my roommates got it for her birthday this year, and seeing the report she got back was insanely cool. It shows you an interactive map of where your ancestors come from, a genetic health screening, and traits that you more than likely have (such as not being a morning person, disliking black coffee and why, etc). This would be a super cool gift that you can share with your family and it also teaches you a lot about yourself/your history.

I hope you all had an amazing first semester and an even more relaxing winter break! Here we go, the last stretch.



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