Things To Do During Your Thanksgiving Break!

Thanksgiving Break is right around the corner and fortunately enough, Iowa gives a whole week off of classes. Since I live so far away from home that it’s not even worth going home for a simple weekend, I look forward to these breaks so much. I know the week at home will fly by but I made a list of things I want to do at home to make the most of it. Here are some ideas that you can consider doing too for the week you get off!

Eat a big home-cooked meal with your whole family

As a sophomore, I no longer get the luxury of simply swiping my HawkID card and have access to hot meals. If I want to eat something good, I have to cook. It’s literally such a drag that most nights I end up eating cereal or eggs. I already sent my mamma a big list of meals I want her to make when I’m home – enjoy those home cooked meals as much as you can!

Go on a simple outing with your siblings

At some point it hits you that you don’t talk to your siblings everyday while you’re at college. You look back to all the days you swore you’d never miss them and laugh, because you miss them so much. Spend time with your siblings and catch up! Life is crazy and it keeps going even when you’re away. Soak up all the family time you can.

Grab all the blankets laying around and spend a whole day watching movies

You’ve been studying and doing homework for the past how many weeks? Enjoy your time off and just be lazy. You honestly probably deserve it. Although I know some people study and catch up on homework during breaks, don’t forget that it’s a break. You deserve time off.

Catch up with your hometown friends at least one night

I don’t talk to many people from home anymore, but for those that I still do, I know they’re genuine friends. They have stuck with me through high school and you can’t forget them! At one point they were with you everyday and if you maintain your friendships with some of them after graduating, I think that screams pure friendship.

Go to a coffee shop and simply get organized for the upcoming crazy season of finals

Towards the end of the week long break, I do recommend getting organized. By the time we come back, we only have two weeks before finals start. In this small time frame everyone scrambles to get organized that they aren’t left with much time to study. Simply get all your due dates in order, make a to-do list, and prepare your materials to study. Then when you’re back at school, all you have to do is start the process! I did this last year and felt so much weight off of my shoulders. I highly recommend this.

A week will fly by and before you know it you’ll be back on your daily routine! Enjoy this time off and have a great break.




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