An Iowa City Birthday

My birthday is on December 14. The official last day of finals. Although many of friends left, I still had a very special birthday. I felt so loved and happy the whole day. This year was amazing and I am so happy to have met so many great people in Iowa and have gotten the chance to celebrate it instead of staying by myself in my dorm and ordering Uber Eats sushi while watching Netflix.

The day started with me walking down to the lobby of Hillcrest to pick up two packages I received, one was a bouquet of flowers from my family and the other was a gift voucher box to go sky diving from my siblings and brother-in-law. Afterwards, I ate one last meal in the dining hall with my friends who were leaving for their homes.

Then, I was alone for a little while and got to pack to go home. After packing, I met up with more friends to get frozen yogurt at YoTopia. (Best frozen yogurt in town! Their coconut milk frozen yogurt is the best!)

After that, I went back to the dorms and my friend and I decided to get my favorite food for dinner: Sushi! We went to Formosa and their eel roll was life changing. I love sushi sooooo much.

Finally, the night ended with my friend getting me a birthday cupcake and the kind workers at Molly’s Cupcake put a candle on my peach cupcake and I got to make a wish. I love Iowa City.

Happy birthday to me!

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