Top Five Places to Eat in Iowa City

Iowa City is filled with a multitude of restaurants, coffee shops, and dessert places. Here are five of my favorite places to go to downtown!


First semester my friend and I went to YoTopia on a Tuesday and they gave us a punch card and told us that Tuesdays were double the punches on the card. (Once you get ten stamps you get a free froyo). So my friend and I made it our mission to get a free froyo. Every now and then whenever we craved froyo we went to YoTopia. This last week of freshman year I received my free froyo! They have affordable $4 flat rate cups and their flavors and toppings are delicious, especially their gummy candies!


There is nothing I love more in this world than sushi. Therefore, I explored all the options that Iowa City had for sushi and I can confidently tell you that this is the best one. Take my word for it. It’s clean, elegant, and as affordable as sushi can get.

Java House

Their chai latte’s are delicious and the atmosphere is so peaceful. Their playlists are relaxing. I come here with my roommate to do homework and I also come here with friends to drink coffee and play chess.

Blaze Pizza

My friend took me here for Pi Day since they had a deal and it was delicious! You get to make your own pizza, you choose everything from the sauce to your toppings! It was my first time seeing something like it.

Molly’s Cupcakes

My friend took me here for my birthday to get a cupcake since I didn’t get a cake. The staff here was so kind, they got me a candle and sang Happy Birthday. The cupcakes are delicious and their decorations are beautiful. They have swings as seats!

These are only five of the many options available at Iowa City! They have everything and anything you could want within walking distance. From Thai Food, Mexican Food to Jamba Juice and McDonalds. It’s all right in Iowa City!

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