#1 George’s Gyros Fan

Life is so good in Iowa City. My classes this year are a bit more difficult. I’m taking 3 classes for my major and 2 gen eds. (Yep, I finally decided on my major! Hip, hip, hooray!)

My hardest class right now is my astronomy class and some aspects of my classes for my major are difficult as well, but other than that I’m satisfied with my classes this semester. I have two classes that are my creative outlets: Elements of Art and Intro to Media Production. The other classes are serious, lecture heavy classes.

All summer I have been dying to come back to Iowa City for one reason: the gyros downtown. It is a hidden gem that was introduced to me by four close friends of mine. It is a blue and white food cart with white letters outlined in red that spell “George’s Best Gyros.” When you go somewhere to eat and see “Best” in the name you usually question it, but I can 100% confirm that George’s Gyros definitely are the best gyros in Iowa City. For all of you who want to try them out, George’s comes out every Friday and Saturday from 10pm – 2am and each gyro is $7. The gyros come with pita bread, onions, tomatoes, meat and gyro sauce!

After discovering George’s freshman year, I started walking 20 minutes in my pajamas from Hillcrest to the Ped Mall with my roommate just to get a $7 gyro from them. It was the highlight of our weekends. Then we would go back to Hillcrest before their flex meal location closed and got M&M ice cream bars as our dessert.

Before I left for my home in the summer, I asked my friend to take me to George’s as my last meal before he dropped me off in the Greyhound bus stop. My friend is an Iowa City native and he had never heard of George’s. Needless to say, he’s also a big fan now. You’re welcome, Alfredo!

All summer I told my friends how much I was craving gyros to the point that whenever I would go to a restaurant that had gyro in its menu I would order it, but sadly nothing compares to an Iowa City gyro.

Then, finally I got back to Iowa City and had a gyro with my new roommate. After that, I asked my boyfriend to take me to get gyros as our first date back together. Then, my friend said she wanted to try them so I took her and we each had two. I could go for another five gyros right about now too.

PS. My dad is coming to Iowa City for the first time in October and he has heard me rave about George’s so much that he always tells me how much he can’t wait to try them. I’m so excited to introduce him to George’s!

PPS. Fun fact: There’s a grilled cheese stand next to George’s called Marco’s Grilled Cheese and my friends and I always debate about which stand is better and it’s definitely George’s, but you’ll have to try for yourself to decide. (But if you’re more of a Marco’s type of person we might have an issue.) (I’m kidding, Marco’s is delicious! And they’re also cheaper by $2, so that’s definitely a perk! I also could go really for a grilled cheese right now…)

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