Back to Campus (FINALLY!)

I am so happy to be back on campus! Although summer was great, I could not wait to come back to Iowa and see all of my best friends again. If some of you guys did not know, I am living in the dorms again with my best friend, Jessica, as a sophomore.

Since I live in California it’s cheaper for me to fly into Chicago. Therefore, my travel time is overly long. I have to fly into Chicago and then I take a four hour long bus ride through Greyhound (not sponsored). After a long day of traveling, I arrived to campus alone with a HUGE bag of clothes from home, a heavy duffel bag and a big backpack.

My roommate from freshman year lives in Iowa, so she kept my bedding, dorm accessories, and other college necessities over the summer. After picking up my storage items from my past roommate, my boyfriend met me to help me move in to Catlett, the godsend of the Iowa dorms. I finally set up my room with the help of my roommate and boyfriend but some things about Catlett felt a little off after calling Hillcrest home for a year.


It got to the point that after two nights of Catlett’s dining hall food, my roommate and I walked across the river from Catlett all the way to Hillcrest in 13 minutes RIGHT BEFORE IT CLOSED just to eat in a dining hall that would feel a little more homey. Sure there’s a lot of perks to living in Catlett like the in house gym and singular showers (thank god), but it’s going to take some time to make it feel like home. I can’t wait for all of the memories that this year brings with it!

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