Student Orgs & Making Friends

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing as good as I am. I have had such a great week despite all the homework I have had to do and still have to do!

I had two interviews this week for positions in the Daily Iowan, the University’s student run newspaper, and SCOPE Productions, the student org that brings bands to campus for Homecoming and more!

Last year I got involved and still am involved in KRUI, the University’s radio station (tune into Music with Mari every Thursday from 1-2pm) and every now and then I stopped by ALMA (Association of Latinos Moving Ahead). This year I can’t attend ALMA meetings because they are during one of my classes.

Anyways, back to the two student orgs I had interviews for… I got positions in both of them which is why my week is absolutely made! I also saw a really tiny puppy on my way to getting sushi with my freshman year roommate, so that was also a highlight of my day!

I’m excited to join these student orgs because joining clubs is a great way to make friends. One of the down sides of going to a big university is that making friends and seeing them is difficult. It’s rare to run into friends on your way to class. After all, all the streets are filled with a gazillion students. So sometimes the campus can feel a little lonely.

As I freshman I thought that the only way I would make friends would be if I rushed (and going Greek is pricey!), but I’m here to tell you that that is not the only way to make friends! Get involved! My first step in getting involved was by joining Iowa Edge before I even arrived on campus. Through Iowa Edge I have made all the friends that I needed. I met my sophomore year roommate through Iowa Edge, I met my boyfriend through a friend I met in Iowa Edge, all my study buddies: Iowa Edge. The great part is that once you make a friend, they have friends and then their friends become your friends and the campus starts feeling smaller.

So to everyone who is feeling a little lonely in campus and feels like they’ll never find their people. You will! Just get involved and step outside your comfort zone! I met a friend a few days ago because she held the door open for me, I thanked her, we both were walking the same direction and we just started a conversation. It’s all about stepping outside your shell!¬†Going to a big school is great because you will never run out of people to meet! Take advantage of it!

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