My Favorite Class This Semester

This semester I’m enrolled in a class called, “Introduction to Media Production.” The class is long, from 5pm to 7:30pm. Yet, the time somehow seems to fly by. Most likely because I love the class.

Each week we delve into a new production learning experience. One week we learn about a newscast, the next how to produce a music video, then how to use Premiere Pro. All of which are things that interest me.

It feels good to have found something that truly interests me and makes me excited to go to class.

Since the class is only once a week and almost three hours long, everyone in the class is very close to one another and it takes me back to high school.

My favorite classes in college so far have been the longer ones that occur only once or twice a week, like the rhetoric class I took or the two-and-a-half-hour art class I’m currently enrolled in along with this media production class.

After all, it’s nice to make this huge college feel small by taking classes where you have time to learn everyone’s name and connect with them one on one.

Sign-ups for classes are coming next week and my advice for everyone is to sign up for the classes that take a big chunk of time. Those are the classes where you are bound to make friends and form connections.

I feel that the 50-minute discussion classes are not long enough to make strong connections and friendships. That’s why I recommend you sign up for the long classes. Plus, the upside is that they occur less frequently in the week.

Good luck getting the schedule you want!

Our music video class where the professor brought in guitars and drums!